Oh, deer.

I got a horse on a whim one day when my partner and I decided we NEEDED them. (yes, a mighty need).
Needless to say we had them out for a day or two and then my poor horse hadn’t seen the light of day since.

I decided to dust it off after I saw some cute pajamas by Jinx at The Chapter Four. Horse pajamas!
However, after buying the pajamas I somehow came across a whole reindeer add-on and well.. now my horse is a reindeer. 🙂

Oh, deer.

He’s really cute though.
Like… really cute.

You can find all the details below ❤

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Let’s pretend it’s mistletoe.

I recently got a new laptop and it’s giving me a bunch of troubles, so this post was a little delayed!
I may have to switch back to the older one. *grumbles*

Anyway, there are lots of new things out at Uber and I used a bunch of stuff from Whimsical as well to decorate the inside of the Christmas Tree Shop that was in my last blog. (Here.)

Let's pretend it's mistletoe.

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The Christmas Tree Farm.

Tannenbaum is open!
As always Hive has released a perfect set, this time being a Christmas tree farm!

The Christmas Tree Farm.

I love this set so much I decorated the whole thing and am gonna keep it out the rest of the season. ❤
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Your ribbons and your pearls.

I have been wearing the same “outfit” for the last few days now ( I use outfit loosely as I think this is actually meant to be lingerie). It’s the newest release from Addams which is seriously so perfect, like fatpack perfect. It’s one of my favorite releases lately.

Your ribbons and your pearls.
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