3.19.13 – 2

I am using my sick days to catch up on all my Skin Fair posts 😀

2nd one for today is the new Amacci skin – Rayna.
Rayna is available  in three skin tones; Pearl, Olive and Terra and 12 make-up options. I am wearing the Pearl tone here and the #3 make-up – Posh.

Amacci Skin - Rayna @ Skin Fair 2013

Each make-up includes a base skin option with no make-up, cleavage layers, eyebrow shapes, mouth corner tattoos and 8 lipsticks on tattoo layers. 

3.19.13 - 2

I think a nap may be in order now 😡

Here’s all the details:

Skin: Amacci Skin – Rayna (Pearl) – 03 Posh @ Skin Fair 2013
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Moelleux” Black 4
Top: OrsiniRed Mesh Top Love My Americano – Black
Skirt: [ SAKIDE ] Ruffly Skirt –  Black
Heels: JD – Greta
Bracelets: MG – Bangles – Damasc 

See, I always find…
And I always find.
Yeah, I always find somethin’ wrong.


I plan on doing multiple posts today so I am starting early 😛

I am still home sick *sad face* but this frees up time for blogging.

Today’s post is sort of my belated St. Patrick’s Day look:


I am wearing a new skin available at Skin Fair – *Anymore ::VANiNA:: in the Honey tone. It suits my preference for younger looking “baby faces” and since I had never tried any skins from Anymore I was surprised it suited my shape. 

Also, the headpiece you see is a discounted item from PIDIDDLE. You can only get this item before the 21st, so be sure to hurry up and go grab it. It will work with other looks aside from St. Patrick’s Day themed attire, so if you like head accessories… go now 😛

*BOOM* also recently released the new Manchester’s recently available in an array of colors. I chose the neutral Khaki tone for my post though:


Each pair of Manchester’s comes in a regular and contrast thread version, and you can buy them individually or in color packs for a large discount. 

I’m off to take some more medicine ❤

Here’s all the details:

Skin: *Anymore ::VANiNA:: honey W/C @ Skin Fair 2013
Hair: [LeLutka]-TREND hair – IdontBleach
Eyes:  .ID. Light Sensitive/Basic – Dark Green
Top: ISON – oversized top (white) @ Collabor88
Pants: *BOOM* Manchesters (khaki) 
Shoes/Feet: N-core BAREFEET w/ Flip Flops
Headpiece: PIDIDDLE – Southern Comfort Headpiece – ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL 3.21.13
Necklace: ::LEO-NT:: LUCKY CLOVER Necklace ❤

She’s so lucky, she’s a star.


Skin Fair…Skin Fair…Skin Fair…

Belleza has released the new skin Mya at Skin Fair 2013

Belleza - Mya @ Skin Fair 2013

Mya is currently available in 10 makeups, 5 skin tones and comes with 3 eyebrow color options. 

Tones can be seen here and they range from Pale, Medium, Sun-kissed, Tan and Deep Tan:


The make-ups are also available for purchase by “line”, which include 5 make-ups each. You can see all the make ups here ( First 5 are Line 1, Last 5 are Line 2 ): 


TP to Belleza @ Skin Fair 2013 to demo Mya for yourself 🙂 


Skin: -Belleza- Mya @ Skin Fair 2013
Hair: ::Exile:: Untouched: Dark Browns
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Wheat &  .ID. Light Sensitive Eyes

It’s gonna hit you hard ’til you see stars
It’s gonna put through you a world of hurt
Oh I don’t believe in getting even but giving what you deserve.


The long-awaited opening of Skin Fair 2013 is TODAY.
With so many great skins being offered, I am a bit behind on my coverage of all of them…but… I couldn’t resist dropping everything to show off the new Zara skin from Glam Affair.
I am in love with this skin *.*

-Glam Affair - Zara @ Skin Fair

The tone shown above is the America tone, but it also comes in all of the following shades ( Artic, Europa, Jamaica, India and Africa ) :

GlamTones ( Necklace used above: Cae :: Sakura :: Necklace at The Boutique )

The skins come with Blonde, Red and Dark brows as well as 12 different make up options ( plus a clean version ).
Make-ups are shown here:


I paired this skin with the new release from [Cynful] at The Dressing Room Fusion, which also opened today. 

You can get this dress in Black, Red or Brown:


Here’s all the details:

Skin: -Glam Affair – Zara @ Skin Fair 2013
Hair ( In last pic) :  >TRUTH< Hollana
Dress: [Cynful] Draped Dress – Suede Black @ TDR Fusion
Necklace ( In last pic ) : [ glow ] studio So Soft Earrings&Necklace Silver
Necklace used in Tone Picture:   Cae :: Sakura :: Necklace at The Boutique 

Try and pick me up again but
Let go see how far i get without you.


More Skin Fair 2013 coverage today 😀

I purchased the new Tuli skin – Elyse after trying the demo and falling in love. I only got the one tone though, so I opted to blog it portrait style :

Tuli - Elyse @ Skin Fair

I love that this skin makes me look a bit more mature than my normal baby-faced self. 

Appliers for Lola Tango’s are also available for separate purchase..and while I don’t wear my tango’s all that much, I must say that the skin looks amazing on them. It blends seamlessly on my avatar and I just really like the look of them.  

When you purchase Elyse you will get 30 lipsticks, brown, black, red and blonde eyebrows, dimple options as well as cleavage layers, nail covers and a modifiable shape. 

I paired up this skin with some of my favorite things from the current round of Collabor88… and tada!


Here’s all the details:

Skin: [:Tuli:] Elyse / powder :: 06 – AVAILABLE AT SKIN FAIR  – March 15th. 
Hair: [LeLutka]-CANTO hair – BlondeFun
Top: (fd) Tucked In T – Black @Collabor88
Shorts: (fd) Scallop Shorts – Denim @Collabor88
Necklace: ::Sweet Leonard:: My Glamour Owl 

I live my life inside a dream
Only waking when I sleep
I would sell my sorry soul, if I could have it all.


Skin Fair 2013 opens in a few days, the 15th to be exact.
I had the luck of being able to sneak in to preview some of the great items there. That being said one of my favorites so far is the mesh head from Snow Rabbit.

I have not been a huge mesh head fan and have not purchased any of the ones currently available…however that changed when I saw Nea 🙂

I fell in love with the innocent and cute features of this mesh head and it is by far one of the most fascinating things I have seen lately. ( I have stared at myself for quite a bit today lol ).

Snow Rabbit Portrait

Nea is available in 5 skin tones, but they all appear kinda close in color range to me. Natural White was my favorite tone but you can also get Milky White, Natural Beige, Dark Beige or Bronze. They are all shown here:

Snow Rabbit - Nea

The mesh head comes with a HUD that allows you to change an array of things including the eye make up, cheeks and lipstick as well as the color of the eyes. You can also use your own eyes with this head as well…but I really like the ones it came with too 🙂
A few of the eye/eye color option as well as lipsticks are shown here:


There is an option to turn tears on or off so you can cry, and the tears are very well done. The eyes on this head close, which allows for a beautiful closed eye effect. I think I really love the eyes the most. They look gorgeous closed. You can see both the tears and the eyes closed here:

Snow Rabbit - Nea

Lastly, and one of the most unique things about this mesh head.. is that is it ANIMATED. The head blinks, opens the mouth and smiles all on its own. This is why I am so fascinated by this. I wanted to show the unique animated look of the head so what better way than to make a video! Be gentle, its my first video I have ever uploaded 😛


( since my blog is being lame and errors whenever I try to insert/link it and I don’t feel like uploading it to Youtube lol )

A demo will be available of Nea to try before you buy and I suggest everyone at least give her a go, how can someone resist being so darn cute *.*

For all the in-depth details please refer to the Snow Rabbit Support website which explains all the hud options and details in much more depth than I could fit here:


Here’s all the details:

Mesh Head: Snow Rabbit – Hybrid Avatar_Nea @ Skin Fair 2013Opens March 15thLM Coming Soon 🙂
Hair: Magika [01] Quote
Sweater: .:villena:. – MESH Hoodie  Happiness

Blind and childish…
I won’t fight it.
Here I hide.
Underneath my innocence.