Like some kind of madness…

DeeTaleZ released some new long tank top dresses a few days ago, and they are rather cute 🙂 
I decided to show off the white and black versions, and the cute little lace pattern on the back:

The skirt part comes in 2 mesh sizes, as well as a prim version. I am wearing the mesh version in all these pictures. The #1 option fit me perfect 😀

Also! All the poses shown here are part of my new singles pose packs that I made, for sale at . Infiniti . ( In world & Marketplace! ). 

Here are a few pack samples if you are looking to get some new poses in your life:

( There are lots more available too, and a male pack!)

Enough jibber jabber, here are the details:

Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah Natural – 02
Hair: Magika [01] Flourish
Shape: . Infiniti . – Liberty – Female Shape
Eyes: .ID. Mirror Eyes BLUE (Wear me!)
Dresses: DeeTaleZ – Dresses long tank top dress (white and black shown )
Jewelry: MG – Necklace – Annette Chain Set
Poses: . Infiniti . – Basic Female – Pack 1

>> TUNE <<


Oh hello world….

After dealing with a busted computer and 4 computer “techs” I am happy to say I am back up and running. 🙂 Windows 7 speeds me up, and I am excited to get back to blogging some things. What better way to start back than with amazingggggggg skins?!??!

Aikea Rieko, creator behind The Plastik, has just released her Ataciara skins! They are nothing short of amazing, and I have included lots of pictures to overload your senses and make you want to go try the demos for yourself 🙂

The below body pictures are unedited ( just added the border ).

They come in a large variety of skin tones: Chorus, Hymn, Lullaby, Melody, Poem and Song. They include 2 cleavage options as well as freckles and makeups on tattoo layers; and check out that stomach!! Oh my goodness. 😮 Elf ears are also available in matching shades.

The skins also come available in some unique Elven shades:

Elven shades include: Bark, Lavender, Mahogany, Nautical and Ocean.

They come in a large variety of make ups and I have just shown a small assortment above. There are so many options you are bound to find something that you love.

Shown here you can see the lip stripe, the heavy freckle face, and the body freckles, which I love. All of these come on tattoo layers, so you can add them to make your skin unique.

Naturally I had to elf myself up and prance around in this skin:

Shown in the above two pictures:

  • Skin: :[P]:-Ataciara-Chorus- Shadow Cateye – * NEW*
  • Ears: :[P]:-Ataciara-Chorus – Ears
  • Shape: :: YaYo :: – Drifter – Female Shape * NEW *
  • Hair: !lamb. Wild Nothing – Butterfinger
  • Piercing: [-iPoke-] Shemix
  • Outfit: [Plastik]-Ambrice-Impromptu/Stark
  • Arm Warmers: [Plastik]-LeoWarmer-GridKujoKujolight
  • Boots: Kboots– black – boxed
  • Tattoo: :: YaYo :: – Galaxy Tattoo – Faded
  • Location: Roche
  • Poses: Glitterati

Last but not least, a shameless promo from my own store 😛

I made this shape to go with the new Ataciara skins, if you are looking for a new look, please go pick up a shape demo 🙂 It will be for sale later today!

Shape/Demo Available here: :: YaYo :: – Main Store.

Happy Shopping Everyone 🙂

Tunessssssssssss. ❤