11.11.14 – The Show Must Go On.

Finally getting time to blog some of the fun circus themed things available at Cirque de Seraphim.

The Show Must Go On

Pretty much everything you see is available at the event (it’s 2 sims ) and you can get more information on the official Cirque de Seraphim website – here.

Credits are all below ❤

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Cirque de Seraphim

I normally do not just do ” informative ” posts without actually blogging anything… but I am making an exception this time.
Cirque de Seraphim opens tomorrow – November 6th – at Noon SLT. I wanted to get out the information on this event before it opens, so everyone can be ready in advance.

….and because I am just now working on getting caught up and I am SO BEHIND lol.

I plan to blog lots of things but for now, here is all the general information ❤

Cirque de Seraphim is a sim-wide sales event featuring designers with new, circus-themed creations.  Each designer must provide at least one donation item at 50% donation to the ASPCA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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A Tangled Web.

Something a bit different today with several items from the first ever “Serafilms” round by Seraphim.

A Tangled Web

The event theme is Moulin Rouge and you can see all the items available if you view the gallery on Seraphim’s website.

Going to just move on to the credits, not so chatty today ❤

Click For Credits ❤