I am blogging both fashion and furnishings today.

HANDverk recently released the new Longchamp Skybox in both a single and double version.
I am using the single version for today’s post.
Since this skybox is extremely low land impact I was able to set it up on my land without any worry of going over my prim limits.

The single version of this skybox is just 16 LI ( it’s mesh ), and with a footprint of 14mx32m it will fit on as small as a 512 sq.m. parcel.

1.28.13 - 2

I personally think this skybox, or the double, would be perfect for an elegant small store build. 
I opted to use it for a residential, open-floor plan apartment, but the options are really limitless. 

And now on to the fashion part! Since I realized while decorating this skybox that my outfit kind of matched it, I took my pictures against one of the walls 🙂 


Here’s all the details:

Skybox Details:

Skybox:  [HANDverk.architecture]Longchamp Skybox.single
Chandelier and Wall Mounted Lights: Included with Skybox

Dresser: PILOT – Miller Dresser – FOUR WALLS HUNT ITEM
ABC Print: PILOT – Miller Positive Words A to C – FOUR WALLS HUNT ITEM
Rugs: ~BAZAR~ Arizona Rugs
Couch: ~BAZAR~ Arizona sofa
Lamp: MudHoney Meredith Lamp
Curtains: MudHoney Meredith Curtains (solids)
Ottoman: MudHoney Meredith Ottoman – FOUR WALLS HUNT ITEM
Log Tables:  ~BAZAR~ Arizona-Wood tables
Chair: ~BAZAR~ Arizona Armchair
Wall Shelf/Table: ~BAZAR~ Arizona-Living room side table
Wall Prints: ~BAZAR~ Arizona-Living room wall art
Floor Pillows: ~BAZAR~ Floor pillows
Privacy Screens:  ~BAZAR~ Arizona-Privacy screen

Outfit Details: 

Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly
Hair: Magika [01] Tendency
Sweater: (epoque) Secondhand Sweater – Nude // Rigged Mesh
Skirt: Blueberry Alice *Mesh* Skirt Black
Scarf:  *BOOM*  Tinsley Cashmere Bow Scarf Tan
Heels: ! Shoes Nikki – 12colors / REDGRAVE

Every storm runs, runs out of rain…
Just like every dark night turns into day.

House Arrest

Mudhoney has just released a new prefab called : The Lydia Cottage. Normally I would have decorated it and everything else, but my Meeroos have over taken my land and I don’t have that many prims to spare 😮

The bare picture lets you design it in you own mind though 🙂

The Lydia Cottage is 129 prims, with windows that open and close. The textures are lovely as are all the things that come from MudHoney. Be sure to go check out a demo in world to see for yourself 🙂

The outfit I had on while playing in this house is not new, but its one of those outfits that still looks good even though I have had it for a while. It doesn’t hurt that its cute either 😛

Happy Shopping!

Things Shown:

Tune <—

Humble [ABODE]

I raided my friend’s house just so I could show off to you guys the *Limited Time Super Low Priced* “Rico” house from [ABODE]. It is currently only 299L as part of a Marketplace Special. I am not sure how long the promo lasts, but the house is adorable!

See for yourself:

The house itself is 252 prims and has 3 bedrooms, as well as plenty of space for decorations.

More Pictures:

You can check it out further on the Marketplace by CLICKING HERE.

Or see a demo in world before purchasing by CLICKING HERE.

Furnishings Shown In Pictures Include:

Happy Shopping 🙂

*A special thanks to my friend Dusky, for letting me act like the paparazzi in her house 😛 *

Very Very Very Fine House

MudHoney Newness

Lots of new things are out at MudHoney!

This is the new Carlton Brownstone shown above, and it is perfect if you are looking for a loft style home, or a house with an apartment/city feel. It is made so if you wanted, you could line them up side by side to give the feel of townhouse living, or perhaps mod them to make your own little shopping strip.

It is only 206 prims for the entire home, so it leaves plenty of room to decorate.

Speaking of decorating….

This is the Telling Time Table, shown above, and it suits this build quite nicely. It would look great in a corner or entry way, or used as an end table. It includes the table and all accessories shown in the picture.

My favorite new release from MudHoney however is the new Castor Sofa.

The neutral color scheme makes it easy to match to any home, and the poses are so cute. As you can see here, I can type on a laptop, lay back and be lazy or read the ” MudHoney News”.  These are just a very small sampling of the singles poses. There are tons of them for both males and females. There are also 8 cuddles and tons of poses for 2 & 3 friends. Perfect addition to any home.

Now go decorate 😛

Items Shown:

Oh Look A Song