3.18.14 – Ari

Just a quick post today – showing the new skin from Dead Apples – Ari at Skin Fair!

{Dead Apples} - Ari

This skin is available in 5 different tones ( Porcelain, Honey, Summer, Latte & Choco) but I am using the Summer tone in my photo as it is the one I have and also my favorite 😛

There are 3 different eyebrow options in several colors each ( bushy is shown above ) as well as 2 lip variations. In addition there are several other unique options such as rounder cheeks, dewy face and heavy freckles ( also shown above). You can see several of the options here ( this is the official options photo, not one I took myself ) :

Be sure to grab a demo at Skin Fair ❤

Click For Credits ❤

Shocked :o

I tried out some new eyes just recently. Anyone that knows me knows I am a bit eye obsessed. ( a bit, being an extreme understatement..).

However I thought these eyes from S H O C K were pretty neat, so I am showing them off today.

There are 4 different eyes shown above: Last Vision, Melancholia, Mirage and Los Muertos. The pictures are unedited aside from cropping, so they are naturally pretty all on their own.

Also the piercing I have on here, is on sale on the marketplace for just 25L 😮
It is from Ivy, and called Yulivee. You can find it here, for a limited time price: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ivy-Piercing-Yulivee-LIMITED-TIME-OFFER-25L/2158006

 I also have on my puppy dog shirt to throw contrast to my bad ass piercings 😛 Sweet and innocent right?!
The puppy shirt is an event item from Deetalez  for the SVPAP Project Rescue (Starts 1 June – Ends 22 June).

That’s all for now 😀

Shopping List: 

Skin: -Belleza- Lily V1 SE Tan 0 Hair (cleavage)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sybille Mesh Hair – Dark flame
Shirt: DeeTaleZ –  SVPAP Special Item – I ❤ Animals Tee
Jeans: *L.inc* Tyra Jeans Washed Black
Piercing:  ivy. – Piercing Yulivee
Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ivy-Piercing-Yulivee-LIMITED-TIME-OFFER-25L/2158006
Eyes:  [ S H O C K ]  – Last Vision, Melancholia, Mirage and Los Muertos
Teeth: [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon 

>> TUNE << ahaha… more Bieber 😡