Letting you sink in.

There’s just a few days left to visit The Clique!
The bedroom set shown below is available at The Clique from Cheeky Pea (along with several other things shown) and I mixed in a bunch of Uber stuff too. Go buy all the things.

Letting you sink in.

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Puppy Love.

Bunch of new things from the current round of Uber.
Once again I love this new set from Cheeky Pea – I seem to say this a lot lately.

Puppy Love.

I took a bunch of pics as I furnished this whole skybox (which I also fell in love with) so they are all below (raw shots) :

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Meow Meow.

A bunchhhhhhhh of new Epiphany things in this post.
Lots of cuteness and pink.

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In the shadows of light.

Decor post today!
I moved in SL, so these were the last pictures I managed to take before I had to pick everything up x_x.

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