Popcorn and popsicles.

Summerfest opens tomorrow!

I feel like this event pretty much signals summertime and it never disappoints.
I was lucky enough to sneak in early and grab a few things, one of which being the “Summertime Cinema Set” from DaD.

Popcorn and popsicles.

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Cinema – ( The Build )

Cinema opens tomorrow!
* Edit : OPEN NOW!

I wanted to take this time to step back and specifically blog the build itself because quite honestly… I think it’s pretty awesome.

The pictures speak for themselves!

There are FREE snacks available if you click the menu board! Nom nom nom.

Some Cinema basic information:

Cinema consists of 80 stores located inside of 7 individual theaters, each of which have created BRAND NEW items!
Please limit scripts! There are multiple script gates.
If you are over 50 scripts you won’t be able to shop, so strip down, go invisible and help to make it as lag free as possible!