Lots of new things in my post for today – so that mean’s lots of pictures!


My sweater-dress and hair were just released today at My Attic – and I have been looking for an outfit to finally use the tied sweater from Monso with which you can still pick up from The Season’s Story.

I also recently set up this little “artists corner” because I like having themed spaces for photos.  I will probably keep this up for a while since I have yet to actually decorate my house… lol.

I did however set up a garden shed!


You can grab this shed from Convair currently at The Garden by The Liaison Collaborative.

And because they are not that visible in the above photo, here is a close up of the little mouse family from Half Deer:

The credits are long, and I need to go cook dinner, so let’s just get to them 😛

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Whoops. I have been away for a few days due to a crazy mishap in RL that messed up my hand a little bit (nothing too bad, so no need to worry, just baking gone wrong lol) but all is well and back to normal now so I am posting the pics I took on Sunday. Yes…. 3 days ago, but still don’t hate me ❤


I had this little back deck thing set up at my house for a while, I just picked it up yesterday to replace it and now seeing these photos I want it back. >.<

11.20.13 - 2

I am wearing the new boots from League in my photos which are available at Shoetopia. I LOVE them. They come in color packs and have an amazing little HUD for changing all the options. Can never have too many options.

I am sort of out of inspiration this week so I feel kinda blahhhhh. Let’s just go to the credits ❤

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