A wish your heart makes.

The August round of Collabor88 is currently underway and the theme is Stardust – it’s also the Anniversary round.
It has been open a few days so hopefully it is easier to get in!

I took a super starry/sparkly photo using a bunch of things from the current round:

A wish your heart makes.

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Unicorn Magic.

After being in Second Life for over 10 years, I rarely get “wowed” by things.
Today however, I was trying out the new gacha from The Plastik called Unicorn Kinn and OMGwow!

Unicorn Magic.

The details on the skin and all really fascinated me as well as the large variety of items and the tail that swishes all around. The tail even has a HUD full of different poses and animations. I am really impressed with this gacha.

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Making Magic.

I feel like if there was a way to sum me up in RL today, this picture would be it:

Making Magic.

If only I could also teach my dog to float me some pizza.

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10.8.13 – Witchcraft & Wizardry

Today’s post is full of magical things. 😛

I have been prepping this blog since the 1st of the month when 11th Hour released a Wizard’s Cupboard at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. However, with the recent opening of the Wizarding Faire my options blossomed and I set up a whole scene with all the great whimsical things.

I have also been looking for whatever reason possible to do a photo in the Magician’s Hats from Remarkable Oblivion:

Witchcraft & Wizardry

I had so much fun setting up the scene and shooting the above photo and I am happy with how it came out. There are tons of small details in this scene though so going to share a bunch of other pictures too!

The Wizarding Corner

First though, the “Free Elves” from OhMai Emporium for Wizarding Faire (that you can see above) are amazing! There are several options to pick from in regards to the Elf’s appearance and the elf comes with both an avatar option (you can BE the elf) or a pet option/rezzable option. I am using the rezzable option in my photos and I edited the limbs to pose him as I liked. An accessories pack is available for purchase as well, which includes a robe for your elf and books.

There is so much more to see in my little “Wizarding Corner” so here are some detail shots:

On to the credits now since posts with decor always take a long time 😛


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Believe In Magic

Fantasy Faire 2012 is happening now and there are lots of neat things to be had and pretty scenery to see.  I picked up a complete PETITE mesh avatar today from Plastik and styled it up to make myself into a little blue fairy. I even got some little AO off the marketplace and makes me fling around and do back-flips in the air as I float around. 

Once again, I took these pictures in my yard, but it looks a little different with the windlight I used. Hope ya like it 🙂

There is lots of information on Fantasy Faire 2012 here: http://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/designers-list-2012/
I used that website to help navigate because there are just a LOT of sims to make your way around, and if you are looking for something specific you can figure out at least what sim it is on 🙂

Happy Shopping:

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