Hello Sunshine!

The Hello Sunshine Fair opened today – 6.7.14.

There are lots of cute summery items available at this event and I am showing off a few of them today – mixed in with some more arcade things.

Hello Sunshine!

I am kinda obsessed with this octopus on my head, so luckily it at least semi matched my outfit 😛

To the credits, I have been sort of busy lately so sorry for slacking a bit ❤

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Today’s post is really pic heavy, but I got a bit carried away.

It took me a few days to finish this set up but I like it so much I am gonna just live in it lol –

The Boathouse.

Gone Fishing.

I am using the boathouse from EPIA. It is one of the rare items for The Arcade but TOTALLY worth the gamble. I rarely fall in love with builds from the outside all the way in, but I am really a huge fan of this one. The bottom level offers a cute docking area for boats as well as space to decorate as well. The upper level is two rooms but uses an open floor plan so there are not walls everywhere – which I love. It’s very easy to navigate and the textures are lovely.

I added the arcade items from Convair (3rd photo) since it fit my boat theme.

I also wanted to do a more cropped in shot so I decide to squeeze in a bit of fashion post with all the landscaping/decor:

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To the credits – they are quite lengthy:

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