Every time is the last time.

Finally getting around to posting all the credits for my most recent bedroom pictures.

Keeping it short and sweet since the credits are long enough for 2839479243 blog posts.

Every time is the last time.

Wish upon a star.

All the specifics are below ❤

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Home <3 – 7.12.14

I rarely set up full furnished builds, but I really like the skybox from RageWorks at the current round of FaMESHed.
It was the perfect size for me and I plan to split up the decor/furnishings I did on it into 2 blogs. Today is everything but the bedroom, that gets its own post since it’s so stocked full of things 😛

For now though, this post is pretty pic heavy ❤

Home - 1

House - 2


Lastly, this living room set by MudHoney is available at Rhapsody. Today is the -last day- of Rhapsody but I am sure it will be moved to the store after that (sorry, so slow these days 😦 ).

Home - 3

To the credits, they are long but I tried to divide them up per picture.

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I meant to post this yesterday, but I was having issues with SL and couldn’t get online to get the credits 😛

Soooo today I am following up with it.

I have been blogging an excessive amount of home decor/furniture lately and I will be getting back to the fashion posts too….but today I did turn it into a combo post. Fashion and outdoor furniture O.o

More beachy themed stuff!


This pergola set has been out for a little while but I am slow  :/ and i just got around to setting up a beachy spot for it. I love all the new stuff that .Lame is releasing lately with the new furniture line – and this was perfect for my land since I had a lot of extra space I needed to fill with cute spots.

In addition, Gawk released a really cute summery skirt in several pastel colors as well as black patterns.


On to the details!

Click for Credits ❤

The Forgotten Garden

I have been working on setting up the new green house from Alouette and FINALLY after adding a few touches from the Forest Spring Concert Mini Event – I am finished 😀

The Forgotten Garden.

I wanted it to resemble a little garden hideaway, that is why the interior doesn’t really look like your standard greenhouse. This greenhouse is available in 2 versions though, the one I am using and another with tables for more traditional usage. I am also using some newer items from .Lame furniture ( the bed, rug and lights) and I love the “worn in” fabric feel to all his items they are also texture change!).

Garden Hideaway

Here are some close up shots of all the little things:

Garden Hideaway - 2

I will probably leave this up for a while, mainly because I don’t have a normal house set up and I just really like this little build 😛

On to the credits!

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I am blogging a few sneak peeks today from the Geeks & Nerds event which opens on the 24th as well as a few things from 50L Friday (so make sure you get those 50L things before the end of the day… – they are colored blue in the credits).


I had a lot of fun with these photos. I realized my pics lately were a tad on the gloomy side so I wanted to do something totally different. SL facial expressions freak me out sometimes but I love using them anyway lol. A lot of the items shown are from Geeks & Nerds (you can read more about that event HERE ) there are so many cute things!

I wanted to do some more detailed shots of the room I set up too:

11.22.13 - Interior

On to the credits now ❤

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I know that Halloween is still a bit away, but I decorated my most recent house in the theme of a Halloween Party.

The build itself fits a creepy little Halloween vibe and I personally love it for fall:


The little Trick or Treat! sign is new at the Men’s Dept, but you can make it say whatever you wish. It comes with the sign itself (the lights even blink!) and a letters/symbols pack to make your own sayings. I just went with “Trick or Treat!” because obviously it fit my theme 😛

On to the interior:

Trompe Loeil released a new furniture set at FaMESHed which opened October 1st. I LOVE this set.
You really can do so much with it since it is texture change. I went with oranges and warm tones for my photos:


There are TONS of color combos available for all the furniture though, as well as the ability to change the blankets and pillows. The set itself is 7 pieces (or you can purchase individually) and it is all materials ready if you use a materials enable viewer. The coffee table even has the ability to click to open the drawers or the top lifts up….so many options. It is available in both a PG an adult version as well.

Aside from the furniture I used a bunch of cute Halloween themed items from Candy Fair and other events to set up my little Halloween party theme:

Lark has released some fantastic items for Candy Fair, almost all of which you can see in the above photos. The chocolates and food items are insanely well done and very realistic and the candy trick or treat buckets are perfect as well. I went a little crazy setting up my party scene but I am pretty happy with how it all came out 🙂

I am also working on another post that I might get done later today/tomorrow, but that is for another time 😛

For now, on to the credits:

Click For Credits ❤


Decor and fashion post today including a few items from 50L Friday, so if you want to get them while they are still just 50L you have to go today…. just a few hours left.


My dress is part of The Autumn Effect hunt from Cynful and it includes a normal and “busty” version with a built-in larger chest (no need for mesh boobies).  I paired it with a new hair from Chemistry and adorable ears from Half Deer ( part of 50L Friday today!) and made a little fall inspired look.

Outfit Credits: 


→ Skin : – Glam Affair – (Aida Ewing) – Angelica – America 04
→ Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – (Kimberlee Miles) – Anemone w bangs (Rigged)
→ Dress: [Cynful] – (Cynthia Ultsch) – Sassy Dress – The Autumn Effect Hunt Gift
→ Leggings: ::LEO-NT:: LOVE DEER Jeggings [hazel]
→ Boots: Maitreya – (Onyx LeShelle) – Stagioni Boots – Chestnut
→ Ears: +Half-Deer+ – (Halogen Magic) – Deer Ears (Brown) * 50L Friday 9.20.13
→ Necklace: ::LEONARD:: – (Lady Leonard) – Oh my Deer ❤ Necklace [Mesh]
→ Backpack: :pesca: canvas and leather backpack/rabbit1 @ The Arcade
→ Poses: Kuso – (Daiz Papp) – Ground Sits – SP-001 Static Pose Pack


As for my little fall inspired box of a house, I set up the new Autumn Reclaim Store/Open Home from Scarlet Creative which you can find at the current round of Collabor88.

9.20.13 - Exterior

And the interior –

9.20.13 - Interior

On to the credits, since they will probably take up half the screen 😛

Click For Credits ❤

Home – 1.11.13

Today I am steering away from SL Fashion to do a home/furniture post.
I recently set up the ~BAZAR~ Arizona House that my partner gifted to me a little over a month ago.
I hadn’t really had time to furnish it and with the holidays coming up we waited til now to start using it.

I will probably be using this house for a LONG time because quite honestly it’s beautiful.

Home ❤

I modded this house significantly to remove the rock base it was sitting on as well as the included plants and trees. ( you will notice it sits on top of rocks and has a ramp type thing when it is stock, but since it is mod, I had my way with it).  I have taken a lot of pictures to show off the interior, however I did purchase this house FULLY furnished, so I am only going to credit the things I added. Everything else is part of the Bazar Arizona set, and can be purchased separately or is included with the furnished version of the house.

HOUSE IS: ~BAZAR~ Arizona House


Home Interior 1

The above pictures show the entry way/dining room as well as the kitchen and living room.

Credits for these rooms include ( things not listen are included with the house ) :

Dining Room:
MudHoney Newspaper & Coffee Cup
{what next} Laurel Cottage Tulips & Morning Mail
{what next} Laurel Cottage Breakfast Tray

MudHoney Green Leaf Rug
MudHoney Stacked White plates
MudHoney Stew Pot w/ Lid
MudHoney Stacked White cups
MudHoney Broken Bread
LISP Bistro Fan – touch blade for on/off
LISP – Vine Scales – Tex Change – Metals
LISP – Bistro Muffin Case
{what next} Laurel Cottage Coffee Mug (rez)

Living Room:
DIGS – Troyka Potted Croton
{what next} Laurel Bedroom Drapes (no shadow)
MudHoney Decorative Box Winter
MudHoney Mesh Books
{what next} Little Pile of Reading Books (plain)
MudHoney Meredith Chair
Restoration Ladder Bookcase – leaning ::LISP::
Scarlet Creative Holiday Heart – Faded
Scarlet Creative Love Letters Sign
{what next} Flyaway Wall Art (Dandelion) – black
Scarlet Creative Holiday Cushion Neutral
Scarlet Creative Holiday Cushion Blanc
Scarlet Creative Holiday Shutter
Floor plant ( Came with a house from Creative Decay)
Cats from *SHOP SEU*
:::OBF::: Love Sofa – TYPE O (Texture Change)
reBourne – Dubai – Fishtank
{vespertine- silent memories./frames – set 1

Home Interior 3

Above is our bedroom, Demon’s man room/cave and the hallway.
( * PLEASE NOTE: The man room was originally a sauna, I removed it).

Credits for these rooms include ( things not listen are included with the house ) :

[CIRCA] – “Imbue Orb” Pendant Light – Silver
.lame – Skye’s Nook (Neutral) @ FaMESHed
MudHoney Incense Winter
{apple fall} Heart of Polaroids Advent No. 3
MudHoney Meredith Bath Rug
*RnB* White Vanity Boudoir
Wall Decal *Dreams* ( came with a house from Creative Decay
MudHoney Lounge Pillows Winter
Damien Fate – “Friendship Bear”
LISP – Mathilde Fluffy Slippers
MudHoney Slippers Winter Gray
MudHoney Candlestick Silver Winter Tall
PILOT – Olsen Chest Bench
:[MudHoney]: Designs – Wood Plank Plant

Man Cave/Room: ( this room is a Sauna when you buy the house, I removed it ).
.lame – Nick’s Futon
.lame – Nick’s Lounger
.lame – Nick’s TV Table
[DECO] Mumbai Ottoman
.lame – Nick’s Ashtray
.lame – Nick’s Rad Tapestry
LISP – Funky Lispette Record Unit
LISP – Urban Graffiti Prints
LISP – Highwayman Lamp
LISP – Highwayman Stormy Moon Picture
DIGS – Guitar Case – Worn (Standing)
{vespertine_curious box in stripes}

Home Interior 2

Lastly, the bathroom!

Credits for this room include ( things not listen are included with the house ) :

MudHoney Meredith Bath @ FaMESHed
MudHoney Branch Lamp Winter
MudHoney Bathroom Scale
MudHoney Toothpaste and Brushes Cup
MudHoney Small Black Stool
MudHoney Seville Side chair
MudHoney Spa Sandals
MudHoney Vintage Postcard Framed
MudHoney Rolled Towels Basket (smaller)
PILOT – With Love – Nail Polish Rack ( Former Hunt Item )
MudHoney Towel Ladder
{what next} Flyaway Wall Art (Birds) – white
MudHoney Pile of Towels

 It is quite possible I forgot some things so if you see anything I didn’t credit please just ask and I will let you know where it’s from.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip through my home and something other than a SL fashion post 😀

Just know you’re not alone…
Cause I’m going to make this place your home.