This post might give you nightmares if you don’t like scary things 😡
Luckily that stuff doesn’t bother me at all, so I was able to do a photo using some of the creepy, amazinggggg items available at Horrorfest:

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Today I am bringing you some Fantasy Faire sneak peeks from The Plastik. 
Fantasy Faire will open on April 20th and run until April 28th and includes 8 Sims for all your fantasy shopping needs.

I had the pleasure of previewing some of Aikea Rieko’s ( Plastik ) creations for Fantasy Faire 2013, which consists of some fantasy inspired skins as well as body armor. 
This is going to be a pretty pic heavy post, but fantasy things really inspire me to take lots of pictures:


The Draziira Skins, which I am wearing above will be available in both male and female options and come in 10 color swirl patterns on a dark skin base.
In addition to the color options there are matching eyes, ears, tattoo options and make-up add ons. 

Some of my favorite color options are shown here, with some of my favorite colors of the The Vandariel Armor, also available at Fantasy Faire:


The Vandariel Armor is mesh, available in 5 sizes and 22 colors AND includes 2 huds for customization options, allowing you to change the gems on the armor and the skirt patterns.
I wanted to include some shots of the huds so you can get an idea of how customizable this armor really is:

Gem Hud:


Skirt Pattern Hud:


As you can see there are TONS of options, something for everyone. 

Lastly, here is a full shot of the Draziira Skin while wearing the Vandariel Armor:

Fantasy Fair Full

For more details on Fantasy Faire, please visit this website: Fantasy Faire 2013

Here’s all the details:

Skin: :[Plastik]:-Draziira Skins ( Female ) –  Available at Fantasy Faire 2013 – Opens April 20th
Eyes: ( included with skin)
Armor:  :[Plastik]:-Vandariel Armor –  Available at Fantasy Faire 2013 – Opens April 20th
Hair: [kik]hair-Fine
Horns: :[Plastik]:-Arachzis://Ebony

Sweet dreaming
Strange feeling
My heart’s reeling
I can’t leave it alone
I think you know.


I did a more artsy photo for my post today, and just a single shot.

Sometimes I actually feel like working on pictures or I get ideas that come to me randomly…this is one of those cases.

Colors Fade Away

Originally my intention was not to do this photo in black and white, but I really liked the end result.

Hope you do too!

All the details:

Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – Petal edition – Teary D
Hair: [kik]hair-Fine-III(black)
Eyes: {D.A} Sinistre Eyes – Horror Edition (Sinistre Angre)
Mask: -Glam Affair- Inside my Ego in Nightmare (Silver) *NEW*
Headpiece: -Glam Affair- Zoya Headdress in Smoke/Black *NEW*
Collar: -Glam Affair- Vanity Collar 2

In the end we all wonder why all the colors that mean something…
Always end up meaning nothing.
When the colors fade away to black and white.

Love Still Stands When All Else Has Fallen.

Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything.
Love still stands when all else has fallen.

I was completely inspired by Halloween and a bunch of new releases to put together these looks…
The make-up is new, and comes with piercings ( not shown ) and you can find it at the FAIR event from .HoD. / +Nuuna+.

The skully bodysuits are also new from CLEMMM and you can find them at E U P H O R I A/Limited Bazaar. They come in male and female options, but there are only a limited number of them available. Hopefully they are not sold out by the time I am posting this. We both picked them up last night though and there were still copies available 🙂

Oh and yes.. we put hoodies on our bones 😛

One more new thing, which I feel completed my skully girl look is my flower headpiece from PIDIDDLE. It’s available at the My Attic event and comes in 8 different colors. I loved the red shown though, as it was a bright contrast to the black and white.
Here’s a straight shot so you can see it in full:

I really do love this look, so I am probably not gonna change out of it today either, and even if I do…it’s going back on 😛

Here’s the details:


Skin: [PF] Alyx – Bakesale Prelease – Static ( Really Old Bakesale Item )
w/ Kumi Lipstick Layer
Hair: [kik]hair-Fine
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S – Halloween creature – death @The Scary Face Gacha Event
Skull Suit: Clemmm – DD Suit – Female – @E U P H O R I A/Limited Bazaar
Face Make-Up: .HoD. / +Nuuna+ – Lost Souls Piercing & Makeup Set @FAIR
Hoodie: =Razorblade Jacket= Hoodie Fem – Hood Down /// Gravedigger
Flower Headpiece: PIDIDDLE – Ceramic Flower Headpiece – Rose @ MY ATTIC
Black Hands: :[P]:-Demon Fades-Noir


Skin: **Story Leaf** Patrick Vampire / Gift
( random skin found on marketplace, just wanted him to look pale lol )
Eyes: Clemmm – Snicket .black sclera.eyes – @E U P H O R I A/Limited Bazaar

Hat: ::GB::Black hat
Skull Suit: Clemmm – DD Suit – Male – @E U P H O R I A/Limited Bazaar
Hoodie: RONSEM* Mesh Cardigan
Face Make-Up: .HoD. / +Nuuna+ – Lost Souls Piercing & Makeup Set @ FAIR
Gloves: ::GB::Leather Gloves

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Zombie Killin’

I stopped by the Zombie Popcorn Carnival today and picked up a bunch of stuff.
I plan to cover it in multiple blog posts, but today I just felt like going casual in a t-shirt and shorts…with a gun 😀
Gotta protect myself, ya know, from the zombie apocalypse.

 My T-Shirt can be found at the carnival, and it’s from Gawk!. There are lots of color options and also a cute “Kiss” instead of “Kill” version, which I may show off in a later post. The carnival is set up pretty nice, so I decided to snap an overall pic while I was there too, check it out: 

Go check out the carnival 🙂

Shopping List:

Shorts: *BOOM* – Feel Free Shorts – Pitch
Shirt: Gawk! – KILL T-Shirt – Black – * Zombie Popcorn Carnival *
Hair:  [kik]hair-Fine-I(black)
Skin:  -Belleza- Lily V1 SE Tan 0 Hair
Eyes:  .ID. April Gift / Gem Eyes in Sunset

>> TUNE <<

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead…

New sexy little dresses from d.Select are out now. I chose to spice mine up a bit by breaking out the “big guns”.  Lately I have just been in the mood for some good combat RP in SL. I wanna shoot guns and play with swords. However, I am starting to think I just suck at finding places to do this 😛 Any recommendations?!? Feed back is appreciated here, or on my flickr.  Oh yes, back to blogging…

These dresses are awesome, they come in lots of colors and as you can see, you can dress them up all cutesy or grunge them down with guns and bed head hair.

I look dangerous right? 😛

Shopping List:

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