Stay awhile now.

Just a quick  “look of the day ” type post.
I have been working on setting up decor scenes and they are not finished yet.

I have been wandering around in this outfit for the past few days though, so figured I would blog it.

Stay awhile now.

Credits and such are below ❤

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I have been super busy lately, had to get a few events done for my own store *bangs head against the wall* but they are mostly finished now. Soooo…back to blogging all the things. ❤


Been on a kitty kick lately and this tummy tank from AlterEgo was too cute to pass up.

I am also using a new skin in the above photo. It’s still growing on me but it’s one of my new favorites. You can pick it up, or demo it from Lara Hurley at the Uber event.

Credits now, and off to lunch.

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Beachy post today, taking a break from working on 700 other things.

I stumbled across The Aloha Fair a few days ago.
I actually didn’t even know there was such a fair…but I picked up a few cute things, such as my top and shorts below:


I needed an outfit that showed a bit more skin so I could wear these cute little bow piercings on my hips *.*
You can grab those if you like them on the marketplace, the link is in the credits.

Let’s get to them 😛

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I Walk A Lonely Road

*Hums a song while I prepare to blog about *BOOM*…la la la la*

A few days ago ( gahh I am slow ) *BOOM* released some amazing new mini vests!

I have the brown one on as you can see, but this newest release from Aranel Ah comes in 30 colors/shades! * BOOM* always gives you tons of options which is why they remain one of my favorite places to shop.

These vests are available at the *BOOM* Mainstore on the Existance sim, and they come on jacket, shirt and undershirt layers, so you can mix and match. They look great alone, or worn over another shirt. Possibilities = endless.

I paired my little brown vest with my mini skirt from Kyoot, but the vest’s also look great with jeans or slacks for a more “professional” look.

I am wearing the brown and violet options shown above, and I may go back and grab a few more colors too!

Go to *BOOM* and pick up a few for yourself!

What I Am Wearing:



Made of [Plastik]

Oh hooray for plastiky goodness. ♥

Today I bring you the newest releases from one of my top favorite stores in Second Life… [Plastik]!

I received these amazing new dresses yesterday, The Delyia Dresses.

They come in 14 colors total:

Film Noir, Smolder, Mojo, Crimson, Paradiso, Girly Me, Violetta, African Violet, Stark Morning, Blaze, Sunshine, Emerald, Oceana and Naive.

They are also available as a fatpack!

The one I decided to wear as I pranced around the beautifully decorated sim at MiaSnow Home & Garden, is the African Violet color, flexi option.

Flexi Option? Oh yes that’s what I said. Not only do you get the version you see pictured when you purchase these lovely dresses, you also get a ” mini” version. So its like 2 dresses for the price of one. *gasp*

Here you can see several color samples in both wearable options. The longer version being the Flexi version and the shorter one being the Mini version. They also come with a chest attachment for an ultra realistic look, and for once I did not even have to adjust the skirt as it fit me perfect right out of the box 🙂

Colors Shown Here ( Left to Right )

African Violet – Emerald – Film Noir – Smolder

Go GET EM!!!


……..  MADE OF PLASTIK  …………

Think Pink!

Pink it´s my new obsession….Pink it´s not even a question…oh wait..yes, on to the blogging. 😛

Just recently I was wandering around doing some hunts in world, and came across the Think Pink! Hunt.

This skin below is one of the pinky pieces of goodness that I picked up…absolutely free.

This skin is from CandyDoll, made exclusively for the Think Pink Hunt. It’s totally cute and goes nice with my bubble gum colored hair from Truth that I picked up when he was having his big hair sale ( ended on September 3rd ).

The cute little starry mini dress is also a FREEBIE!! Part of the Think Pink hunt as well, you can find it at ::Silenced:: and the gift there also includes another skin ( not shown here ) all absolutely free.

What I Am Wearing:

  • Skin: Alessia For Think Pink HuntCandyDoll – FREE!
  • Mini Dress: Think Pink Hunt Dress::Silenced:: – FREE!

Also….this skin you see here, is ANOTHER free skin you can get from the Think Pink Hunt! ( oh my goodness how cute is this skin! ) It is from Mynerva, another skin that was created especially for the Think Pink Hunt. She also has another 99L skin in the store as part of the ” OMG That’s Adorable” Hunt, which is just as cute!

Paper.Doll is another participating store in the Think Pink Hunt, and you can get this little heart mini skirt and lipstick kiss tank top as a freebie! So many great stores in this hunt, and with such cute freebies, that you should definitely not miss it.

::Exodi:: and [-iPoke-] are two MORE great additions to this hunt!

The piercings you see here are from [-iPoke-] and go great with the pink themed skins. 🙂 I swiped up a few piercings for myself while I was there, for when I am in a less than pink mood 😛

::Exodi:: contributed this adorable necklace and earrings ( not pictured ) which added a finishing touch to my ” pink look”.

There are lots of other great stores and items you can get from this hunt, and I have only outlined a few of my favorites, but everyone should be sure to check out them all. The skins alone are WELL WORTH the time it takes to do the hunt.

The hunt runs until September 30th and you are looking for a tiny piece of pink and white candy.

If you are interested in the location of where I shot these pictures, I used the Free Photo Studio that I have set up above my main store on a sky platform. It is open to the public, so anyone is welcome to take pictures, or use the studio that is provided. You can find it here: ::YaYo :: – FREE PHOTO STUDIO.

Happy Hunting!

Complete Look Details:

A song full of pinkness: PINK