Glam Affair – Gemma

The Arcade starts soon! In just a few days – December 1st to be exact.

I have seen SO MANY things I can’t wait to go “gamble” for ( I feel like gacha’s are slot machines lol ) but today I am showing what Glam Affair has to offer for The Arcade’s December round, and that is Gemma!

Glam Affair - Gemma

The Gemma gacha will contain 12 make-ups – each with 7 different eyebrow colors as well as 4 different lip type options, 2 sets of moles and 3 freckle layers.

Glam Affair - Gemma

The above collage shots are all raw unedited shots ( since the first large photo is post processed ) and the 3 skins with the leafy make-ups are the 3 rares ( 7,8 & 9 ). The large photo to the left side of the collage shows one of the freckle options as well as an alternate lip option. The 12 smaller shots are the make-ups in order from 1 – 12.

Can’t wait for Arcadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤

Be sure to check their website for other updates, or the flickr group for more sneak peeks from other brands!

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8.28.13 – Belleza Leila for The Arcade

The Arcade opens on Sunday and really I don’t think it could get here fast enough.
I have seen so many great sneek peeks at items – if you wanna have a peek for yourself I suggest The Arcade flickr group:

However today I wanted to show off what Belleza has to offer for The Arcade: Leila!

Belleza for Arcade

Leila is a brand new face that will be available for 100L per play starting September 1st.

There are 15 make-ups total, 3 of which are rare and the skin tones are a range of fair, pale, medium, sunkissed and tan.

Since the above large picture IS edited, I wanted to show all the rest of the photos as raw shots, not edited at all aside from putting them in the collage format.

Here are the 3 rares:


Make-ups 4 -9:


Make-ups 10-15:


Leila is beautiful and the make-ups really are perfect since they come in a range of basics and even the more dramatic make-ups are not over the top.

Save those L’s for The Arcade!

All the details:

Skin: -Belleza- – (Shyla Diggs) – Leila – @ The Arcade – September 1st
Hair: Exile::– (Kavar Cleanslate) – Longest Night – Natural Fusion 2
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – (Audrey Lamede) – Gem, Basics v2 & Mirror
Teeth: [PXL] – (Hart Larsson) – OpenMouth PRO
Necklace: ::LEONARD:: – (Lady Leonard) – Shard Pendant Necklace -silver/gold- @ The Chapter Four – Sept. 4th

8.24.13 – Cho

Essences has released the complete line of the Cho skin including 10 BRAND NEW skin tones.
I always wanted more lighter tan tones and these are perfect.

I do look really baby-faced though 😛

Essences - Cho

I wanted to show all 10 of the new tones as well and note that all applicable appliers are already available for these tones. This includes Slink hands and feet as well as tango appliers ❤


Tone names (left to right) : Lumiere, Ivoire, Doux, Peche & Lait


Tone names (left to right) : Noisette, Brilliant, Moka, Canelle & Sombre

TP to Essences to dry a demo ❤

Other details:

Skin: Essences – (Inka Mexicola) – Cho
Teeth:  [PXL] – (Hart Larsson) – OpenMouth PRO
Hair: (Chemistry) HAIR – (Kimberlee Miles) –  Bubbles – Browns
Hair Bows:  Happy Undead – (Carra Fargis) – Elmyra’s Bow [vinyl greys and reds]
Eyes: .ID. – (Audrey Lamede) – Soulful Eyes / Brown Pack
Glasses: Reek – Augie Glasses (Not Available)
Necklace: ::Sweet Leonard:: – (Lady Leonard) – Lil Crown Necklace


A sneak peek today of the new PXL skin – Jade.

[PXL] - Jade

Jade will be released sometime next week and comes in an array of skin tones (8 different tones) as well as several lipstick options, a freckled version, and tons of tattoo layer add-ons.

All the skin tones can be viewed here: (these photos are unedited aside from putting them in the collage) :

Jade Tones

I also wanted to show off all the different lipsticks so I put together this collage as well (you can see the freckle and mole options in the top larger photos) :

Jade Lipsticks

Here is a break down of everything this skin includes, since sometimes its easier to read than see a million photos 😛

  • 15 lip colors, 2 levels of cheekbones shading, and a freckled skin option ( not on a tattoo layer).
  •  15 eye make-ups, 5 brow colors, a no brow option, 3 lips glosses, mole options and 3 cleavage options, all of which are all on tattoo layers.

I will be sure to update this post when Jade is released, but for now here’s all the other details:

Skin: [ PXL ] – (Hart Larsson) – JADE * Coming Soon
Hair: MINA Hair – (Mina Nakamura) – Ineke – Dark brown @ Hair Fair 2013
Eyes: .ID.  – (Audrey Lamede) – Mirror Eyes
Necklace: MiWardrobe – (Neftisis Rhiadra) – Tropicalia – Necklace @ Limited Bazaar
Bikini: [QE] – (Emmins13 Sygall) – Teenie Kini- Stripes IV

I don’t need trouble but I choose it…
At least that’s the way it seems yeah.


Essences - Whisper

Essences has a new skin out at The Dressing Room Fusion, named Whisper.
The face is adorable and you can pick it up in 3 different skin tones. The tone shown here is Brown Sugar which is a newer tone and quickly becoming one of my favorite tones from this brand.
I had to mod my shape a lot to suit this skin but I think I did an okay job 😛


Also, The Boobies Show is underway with a brand new round and you can pick up this cute top in a wide range of colors from The Bishes Inc. The shorts are a new release in the main store from The Bishes Inc as well.

That’s all for now, I think I might actually try to be productive today and make poses 😛

Here’s all the details:

Skin: Essences – (Inka Mexicola) – Whisper *Brown Sugar* @ TDR Fusion
Hair: [LeLutka] – (Thora Charron) –  BETH Hair
Eyes: .ID. – (Audrey Lamede) – Tropical Brights – Beach
Top: The Bishes Inc. – ( Juicy Sahara ) – ~ Spring Top- White @ The Boobies Show
Boobs: Lolas – (Sandi Moonites) – ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
w/ skin applier for Tango’s from Essences in Brown Sugar.
Sweater: FreakyDesign – (Freakysab Fairey) – Black Angel Open Sweater
Shorts: The Bishes Inc.– ( Juicy Sahara ) –  ~ Mesh Denim Shorts – Black
Stockings: Erratic / – (Erratic Rain) – patterned stockings – Plain
Necklace: MG – (Maxi Gossamer) –  Necklace – Banshee Skull Heart
Mesh Hands: Slink – (Siddean Munro)
w/ skin applier for Slink Hands from Essences.

But rare is such a soul who swims in ecstatic bliss on the high tide of heavenly love.


Wanted to do one more quick post before my family arrives from out-of-state on extremely last-minute notice >.<

Belleza has a new skin out for Summerfest, the lovely Ashley skin…and I wanted to do a headshot 😀

Belleza - Ashley Skin

I know I have been blogging at the beach lately, but it’s summertime…so it’s only fitting 😛


Keeping it short and sweet, be back in a few days <33

Here’s all the details:

Skin: -Belleza (Tricky Boucher) –  Ashley Summerfest Pale Red 1 @ Summerfest
Hair: =DeLa*= (Kuranosuke Kamachi) –  Mesh Hair “Scarlett” Orange Brown 4
Eyes: .ID. – (Audrey Lamede) – Light Sensitive/Basic – Dark Green
Top: [Aux]  – (Tyr Rozenblum) – Truffle Top – Blue @ Summerfest
Skirt: Spirit Store – (Spirit Osmus) – Toto rigged mesh long skirt
Necklace/Ring:  ::Sweet Leonard:: – (Lady Leonard) – Pearl drops ❤
Bracelet: [Aux] – (Tyr Rozenblum) – Studded Bracelets – Dusk @ Summerfest

And when the night is cloudy…
There is still a light that shines on me.
Shine on until tomorrow, let it be.

5.26.13 – CLEO!

As I am sure everyone has heard by now, Glam Affair has released a new skin named Cleo!

This skin has an adorable face for a cute youthful look and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it:


The above pic is the only modified picture as I will show the rest of the options as raw shots just using my regular wind light settings.

What is unique about this skin is that it comes with customization options. The skin includes noses that you can mix and match using tattoo layers, as well as a visible pore option, also on a tattoo layer. If you are familiar with Glam’s older skins… you will recognize that they used to have more visible pores, and adding this layer to your new skin will give it that look. You can see the pore difference as well as the nose options here:

VisiblePoresOptionThe 3 noses shown in the circles are the add on’s. The nose shown in all my other photos is the default nose that comes on the skin.

Freckle options are included with this skin as well as some “add lashes” tattoo layers. In addition to all the regular make-ups you also get a few lip glosses and a no gloss add on as well.

Cleo is available in 12 make-up options and a “clean” version ( shown in the first large photo) as well as 6 variations in eyebrow colors ( I am loving the eyebrow colors with this release!!!) all shown throughout the following makeup contact sheet I have put together:


I wear the America tone by default ( and sometimes Jamaica when I feel I need a bit of a tan) but you can pick from 6 skin tones for the lovely Cleo, from a super pale Artic to a dark Africa tone:


I favor the young “babyfaced” look for my avatar so this skin will likely be my go to skin for quite some time. I STILL might switch back to my beloved Margot skin from time to time because I am not sure I am entirely over my obsession with that one yet 😉 Either way, I love me some Glam Affair <33

Here’s all the details:

Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo (Aida Ewing)
Hair: Exile:: All Over You Natural Fusion (Kavar Cleanslate)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Mirror Eyes (Audrey Lamede)
Lingerie: {Lily Bird} – Docka Lace Lingerie – Lavender/Nude Pink (Ambergriffin Huckleberry)


Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song.
You go ahead, let your hair down.
Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,
Just go ahead, let your hair down.


Cosmetic Fair 2013 opens today at 1pm SLT. 

*Update – Now open SLURL HERE

I am pretty excited for this event because I LOVEEE make-up and tattoo layer add ons.
They really can transform a skin and offer you to the option to customize your appearance so you look a little different from others wearing the same skin. 

Glam Affair has some amazing make-ups available, which are based on my current fave Glam skin, Margot.

There are 5 make-ups available which include eye shadow and lipstick:

Margot Make-Ups @ Cosmetic Fair 2013

Margot Make-ups @ Cosmetic Fair 2013 - 2

I am using them with the Margot skin, currently at Collabor88 but you can test them out with other skins and mix and match, which I plan to do later on since I love the Margot lips. 

Glam Affair also has some eyebrow options available at the event in bright colors perfect for spring:


I rarely wear colored brows but I think they could be pretty neat to use in photos. 

Be sure to check out Cosmetic Fair when it opens in just a few hours <33
Cosmetic Fair 2013 will open April 15th – 1pm SLT and will close April 30th.

Here’s all the details:

Skin: Glam Affair – Margot – America @ Collabor88
Hair: [LeLutka]-POCAHONTAS hair
Eyes: All from Insufferable Dastard
Make-ups: Glam Affair – Margot Makeup 01 – 05 @ Cosmetic Fair 2013 – Opens 1pm SLT
Eyebrows: Glam Affair – Margot Brows 01 – 05 @ Cosmetic Fair 2013 – Opens 1pm SLT
Top: Part Of – Ducknipple SLX Outfit Angel – On Marketplace
Necklace: Part Of – Ducknipple SLX Outfit Angel – On Marketplace


I plan on doing multiple posts today so I am starting early 😛

I am still home sick *sad face* but this frees up time for blogging.

Today’s post is sort of my belated St. Patrick’s Day look:


I am wearing a new skin available at Skin Fair – *Anymore ::VANiNA:: in the Honey tone. It suits my preference for younger looking “baby faces” and since I had never tried any skins from Anymore I was surprised it suited my shape. 

Also, the headpiece you see is a discounted item from PIDIDDLE. You can only get this item before the 21st, so be sure to hurry up and go grab it. It will work with other looks aside from St. Patrick’s Day themed attire, so if you like head accessories… go now 😛

*BOOM* also recently released the new Manchester’s recently available in an array of colors. I chose the neutral Khaki tone for my post though:


Each pair of Manchester’s comes in a regular and contrast thread version, and you can buy them individually or in color packs for a large discount. 

I’m off to take some more medicine ❤

Here’s all the details:

Skin: *Anymore ::VANiNA:: honey W/C @ Skin Fair 2013
Hair: [LeLutka]-TREND hair – IdontBleach
Eyes:  .ID. Light Sensitive/Basic – Dark Green
Top: ISON – oversized top (white) @ Collabor88
Pants: *BOOM* Manchesters (khaki) 
Shoes/Feet: N-core BAREFEET w/ Flip Flops
Headpiece: PIDIDDLE – Southern Comfort Headpiece – ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL 3.21.13
Necklace: ::LEO-NT:: LUCKY CLOVER Necklace ❤

She’s so lucky, she’s a star.


Skin Fair…Skin Fair…Skin Fair…

Belleza has released the new skin Mya at Skin Fair 2013

Belleza - Mya @ Skin Fair 2013

Mya is currently available in 10 makeups, 5 skin tones and comes with 3 eyebrow color options. 

Tones can be seen here and they range from Pale, Medium, Sun-kissed, Tan and Deep Tan:


The make-ups are also available for purchase by “line”, which include 5 make-ups each. You can see all the make ups here ( First 5 are Line 1, Last 5 are Line 2 ): 


TP to Belleza @ Skin Fair 2013 to demo Mya for yourself 🙂 


Skin: -Belleza- Mya @ Skin Fair 2013
Hair: ::Exile:: Untouched: Dark Browns
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Wheat &  .ID. Light Sensitive Eyes

It’s gonna hit you hard ’til you see stars
It’s gonna put through you a world of hurt
Oh I don’t believe in getting even but giving what you deserve.