And the dreams that you dreamed of once in a lullaby.

I kinda love my look today and it’s late… so keeping it short.

And the dreams that you dreamed of once in a lullaby.

Also – I LOVE 8f8’s release for Deco(c)rate which you will see better below – but really I love everything he does:

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Pug Cafe.

I set up a “Pug Cafe” on my land recently using the entire set from Birdy at The Arcade.
I wanted to take some pictures to show it off before I went all crazy and started the land all over again.

Pug Cafe.

There are tonsssssss more pictures below, as I wanted to show off all the cute details.

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Whoops – I took the pictures for this blog post the other day and forgot to actually blog anything.
It happens.

Anyways – new stuff from lots of places, mostly Collabor88. I love the new romper from Tee*fy shown below and the little messy short hair from Tableau Vivant.


Also, the thing I am posing in – is available at FaMESHed from Junk.
I decided to do an exterior photo too, so you could see the outside as well. It comes furnished with the pillows and everything in the first photo – it’s really cute!

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Serene Sanctuary.

The Serene Sanctuary is one of the newer builds from 8f8.

It is a gacha, and available at the Xiasumi School Festival, which ends tomorrow April 21st.
So make sure you go now 😛

Serene Sanctuary.

→ Build: 8f8 – (8f8) – Serene Sanctuary – Koi House RARE @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Smaller Build: 8f8 – (8f8) – Serene Sanctuary – Resting Shade @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Rug: 8f8 – (8f8) – Serene Sanctuary – Bamboo Rug @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Bench: 8f8 – (8f8) – Serene Sanctuary – Sakura Bench @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Trees: HPMD* – (Sasaya Kayo) – Garden Trees with Lights – Green
→ Grass: [we’re CLOSED] – (Mandingo Quan) – Grass Field Lush
→ Bush1: HPMD* – (Sasaya Kayo) – Shrub – Green
→ Bush2: [we’re CLOSED] – (Mandingo Quan) – Shrub – Large Green


The new round of The Liaison Collaborative opened today and I kinda love the new gacha set from Plethora.
I have a thing for random outdoor clutter items and these were perfect to landscape with.


I am also using the new build from Heart Homes available at Collabor88.
It’s furnished in the inside but just doing an exterior shot today ❤

All the credits including most of the plants used, are listed below.

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More landscaping/decor stuff today.

I actually am currently in love with my new yard set up. I will be sad (if I can actually bring myself to do it ) to take it down.

I have always been a huge fan of Vespertine and the adorable bikes that were recently released for The Dreamer’s Factory make for perfect decor items. ❤

Whisper in the yard and turn the trees all into toys.

I set them up along my “gated entrance” to my house, which is also made by Vespertine, but I plan to show that in a post tomorrow.

I did set up a shed in the back yard though, which is part of a gacha set from Oyasumi available at The Season’s Story:


I might take another picture in the inside since you can’t see much of that in this photo.. but that will also be for another day.

For now…details and stuff below –

Click for Credits ❤

7.9.14 – Secret Hideout

The Season’s Story opens tomorrow – July 10th.
I have lots of posts planned to cover this event but I wanted to do a decor post first. ❤

8f8 has released the Our Secret Hideout Collection – which comes in gacha form.
You can win 3 rare prizes and 16 commons – lots of which are shown below:

Our Secret Hideout

I really love this set, but then again I say that about all 8f8 things 😛

Also Collabor88 opened yesterday and Half-Deer has cute little gazelles available, which suits the Safari Chic theme:


To the credits now, but I also wanted to apologize for my absence lately – I lost someone close to me in RL and took the week to sort myself out. ❤

Click for Details ❤