Late night talks.

I am posing with the super awesome Rogue today, who made my life so easy by setting up this little scene.
You can see her version here.

Late night talks.

You know you totally sit in a bathroom with a friend after a night out and eat chinese food in the floor.
Yes. Yes you do.

You can find all the details below ❤

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Something in the water.

Combo post today, fashion and decor.
I set up a new beach house a few weeks ago, had been meaning to take pictures of it but just kept forgetting 😡
I FINALLY did yesterday, but this house was available at the last round of C88, so hopefully it has been moved to the main store now.


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One More Time.

Bunch of things in today’s post – mostly decor though.
Been a bit since I set up anything larger scale, so I opted to redo my entire land, make it beachy and set up this little beach shack. ( I will be posting the actual exterior of the build in another post, this one was getting a bit out of control as it was).

I kind of themed the decor around a new release from -Blue Sky- which is the chair you see in the corner below.
It has lots of cuddles and sits ( and adult things too if you opt for that version) and also comes in lots of colors.
I did grab the man to show off one of the couples poses, since they were all sorts of adorable. ❤


One More Time.

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Lingers so gently in rustic illusions.

This is going to be a pretty pic heavy post, as I wanted to squeeze in a bunch of things and I got carried away.

6Republic is in its final week so if you have not checked out this event – now is the time!
The theme is Industrial and there really are so many nice things. I am showing off both a bedroom and a dining room set today, so enough rambling.

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I have been busy working on several decor themed posts, so be prepared for tons of that. x_x

First up though, The Home Show opened recently and home/decor themed events are honestly my favorite. I have decorating issues and tend to switch my houses/rooms weekly. Stockholm&Lima released the Butterfly Bathroom Suite, which works in conjunction (matches nicely) with the Butterfly Bedroom Suite.


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Uh oh – I am getting behind again on all the things. >.<
I have been prepping for an influx of home/garden blogging, so those take me a bit longer than standard fashion posts.

Regardless, I am doing a bit of a combo post of the two today:


Lots of the stuff shown is either at Kustom9 or The Liaison Collaborative. Both of which have been open for a bit now, so they should be quite easy to get into/visit.

Full credits listed below ❤

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I have been working on an entire new home/skybox so I am planning a few decor posts in the future again. I have been slacking on those lately – just need to finish one more room. 😛

I did set up the “small spaces” kitchen from Dust Bunny available at the Season’s Story and invaded it with a bunch of creatures though:

Critters in the kitchen.

Credits are all below ❤


Build :HAIKEI: – (qo0op) – Warm&Natural / Gacha {RARE}skybox @ Kustom9

:CP: (Isla Gealach) – Lucille Brown Striped Rug
*ionic* – (Lakua Arriaga) – Gasa curtain
:CP: – (Isla Gealach) – Hanging Rope Candle – Antique @ Leaf on the Wind
dust bunny . – (lxlNoel) – small spaces kitchen . end cabinet @ The Season’s Story
dust bunny . – (lxlNoel) – small spaces kitchen . vintage fridge @ The Season’s Story
*ionic* (Lakua Arriaga) –The Hipster Deer – @ The Chapter Four
*ionic* – (Lakua Arriaga) – Lazy bunnie
dust bunny .– (lxlNoel) –  small spaces kitchen . corner cabinet @ The Season’s Story
dust bunny .- (lxlNoel) –  small spaces kitchen . vintage stove @ The Season’s Story
dust bunny .– (lxlNoel) –  small spaces kitchen . sink cabinet @ The Season’s Story
dust bunny .– (lxlNoel) –  small spaces kitchen . island cabinet @ The Season’s Story
*ionic* – (Lakua Arriaga) – The crazy mice  @ The Season’s Story
*MishMish*– (Aime Takaaki) – Hammie & Cooking Book
:::LP::: – (Yani Tryce) – Winter Treats – Granola w/ Almonds @ The Season’s Story
*MishMish* – (Aime Takaaki) – Flour Angel Hammie
*ionic* – (Lakua Arriaga) – The Fox and the cookies
*MishMish* – (Aime Takaaki) – Hammie & Baking Powder
*MishMish*– (Aime Takaaki) – Hammie & Oven Mitt
*ionic* – (Lakua Arriaga) – The chef mice  @ The Season’s Story
*ionic* – (Lakua Arriaga) – Mommy Bunnie
*MishMish* – (Aime Takaaki) – Hammie & Mixing Bowl
*MishMish* – (Aime Takaaki) – Hammie & Rolling Pin
dust bunny . – (lxlNoel) – waffle maker . color change @ The Season’s Story
dust bunny . – (lxlNoel) – blender . color change @ The Season’s Story
:::LP::: – (Yani Tryce) – Winter Treats – Vanilla Cookies @ The Season’s Story
dust bunny .- (lxlNoel) –  toaster . color change @ The Season’s Story
dust bunny . – (lxlNoel) – tea pot . color change @ The Season’s Story
dust bunny . – (lxlNoel) – coffee machine . color change @ The Season’s Story


11.5.14 – No Drama Llamas!

More stuff today from the Xiasumi School Festival.

I wanted to do something cutesy since yesterday’s post was kinda creepy themed.

Thus… some llamas 😛

11.5.14 - No drama llamas.

The llamas are meant to be worn/attached and they follow you around and walk with you, however I rezzed/resized them for my photo to do something a bit different. You can find them at the Xiasumi School Festival along with pretty much everything else shown.

Credits below ❤

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I seem to be in the mood to do absolutely nothing lately… so I made my avy pouty for my blog today 😛

Work Work Work

Not really sad, just fit the picture 😀

The desk shown and the chaise are both new from Dutchie. The PG versions are available at the Home & Garden Expo and I do believe the adult versions can be found in the Dutchie main store. I like the desk a lot – it rezzes little props as well based on the menu options selected.

Rest of the details are below ❤

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