Oh Hai! I’m A Panda

So today I set out to buy myself a tongue ( hmm….that’s probably the weirdest thing I have said all week ) and while I was at Cobrahive tongue shopping, I came across a tattoo layer that I just had to have…PANDA EYES. 😀

I am a big fan of heavy, dark eye make-up so this was something I just had to own. Thus….a panda blog post was born, because all though I have no intention of walking around like a panda everyday, I happen to think I look quite cute. 🙂

Rummaging through my inventory I was able to put together this little look, perfectly topped off by my yummy bamboo stick. ( well, yummy for a panda ). The bamboo is from CatniP.  I own quite a few cute thing from there, they have lots of cute accessories, so everyone should go there and check it out.

My little shoulder and head birdies from Plastik ( comes with the tattoo too! ) went perfect with this look since I was out wandering around in the wild, and that’s a hippo there behind me….in case you didn’t notice 😛

On to my outfit….

It is not your typical ” go out and play with the elephants and hippos” outfit, but I think that’s what makes it work.  A few days ago I randomly tp’d around to stores I found on the Marketplace, looking for new things to buy. I ended up at +grasp+, and as a result, ended up in this coat and shorts. The shorts actually came with a pair of leather pants..which, I prefer the shorts or ” hot pants” option more, but they do come together as a set.

I have been looking for a new coat or jacket for awhile, and I ended up picking up quite a few while I was there. Lots of nice things at +grasp+, and bunch of unisex things as well, if you are looking to dress up and match your significant other. 😛

Oh and my belt……I ❤ it ridiculously. Its my favorite belt that I own, and it’s from :Sey, which also happens to be where my favorite boots are from. I sometimes wish it had a no ” dangly straps” option, but I think it’s so awesome I just don’t care, even though one day I got told I looked like a gangster. :O

What I Am Wearing:

  • SKIN: [PF] Elly <Maple> – Broken Hearts Bleed
  • HAIR: Ploom – Browns 1 – Fluffcake
  • EYES: [. KnockKnock .] – Eyeline. Lunatic Turqoise.
  • BOOTS: :SEY Layer’s boots[A]Corduroy – Black ( Not Pictured )
  • JACKET: +grasp+/fur lined jacket/Black/womens
  • SHORTS: +grasp+/Leather Pants w/Hot Pants/01 – Hot Pants
  • BAMBOO: .:-CatniP-:. Munchie Bamboo
  • PANDA EYES: Cobrahive – Panda Eyes – Tattoo Layer
  • TATTOO: [Plastik]-Burdies And Feathers.
  • BIRDS: [Plastik]-Burdies And Feathers.

* All the pictures were taken HERE: Dernier Cri – Such awesome landscaping there, and if you go today or tomorrow there is a cute cute cute tank top out for Project Themeory. ( Not Pictured, but still oh so cute ).

Gonna go morph myself out of panda mode now, but hope you guys enjoyed the post!