4.19.13 – Part Of Your World

For today’s post.. I am a mermaid.

The skins from The Plastik, available at Fantasy Faire 2013 (which opens tomorrow) inspired this “under the sea” look:

Part Of Your World

In addition to the Draziira Skins, which I blogged in-depth the other day (here), Plastik offers the mermaid inspired Arkasia Skins.
The skins are available in over 20 different tone options, but the one I used in my photo, Klise, was my favorite.
As always there are an array of options available including make-up options, eyes and different versions of the base skin in each tone.

I may show more of the tones at a later date, but for today you just get the one picture since it took me so long 😛

Here’s all the details:

Skin: :[Plastik]:-Arkasia {Klise}://Atlantic –  Available at Fantasy Faire 2013 – Opens April 20th
Make-Up: :[Plastik]:- Arkasia Makeups://Dark Shadow ( included with skin )
Mermaid Ensemble Including Hair:  .Erare.syren.pretence. (I purchased it on the Marketplace HERE)
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Glass

* Fantasy Faire will open on April 20th and run until April 28th.

When’s it my turn?
Wouldn’t I love, love to explore that world up above?
Out of the sea
Wish I could be
Part of that world.


Today I am bringing you some Fantasy Faire sneak peeks from The Plastik. 
Fantasy Faire will open on April 20th and run until April 28th and includes 8 Sims for all your fantasy shopping needs.

I had the pleasure of previewing some of Aikea Rieko’s ( Plastik ) creations for Fantasy Faire 2013, which consists of some fantasy inspired skins as well as body armor. 
This is going to be a pretty pic heavy post, but fantasy things really inspire me to take lots of pictures:


The Draziira Skins, which I am wearing above will be available in both male and female options and come in 10 color swirl patterns on a dark skin base.
In addition to the color options there are matching eyes, ears, tattoo options and make-up add ons. 

Some of my favorite color options are shown here, with some of my favorite colors of the The Vandariel Armor, also available at Fantasy Faire:


The Vandariel Armor is mesh, available in 5 sizes and 22 colors AND includes 2 huds for customization options, allowing you to change the gems on the armor and the skirt patterns.
I wanted to include some shots of the huds so you can get an idea of how customizable this armor really is:

Gem Hud:


Skirt Pattern Hud:


As you can see there are TONS of options, something for everyone. 

Lastly, here is a full shot of the Draziira Skin while wearing the Vandariel Armor:

Fantasy Fair Full

For more details on Fantasy Faire, please visit this website: Fantasy Faire 2013

Here’s all the details:

Skin: :[Plastik]:-Draziira Skins ( Female ) –  Available at Fantasy Faire 2013 – Opens April 20th
Eyes: ( included with skin)
Armor:  :[Plastik]:-Vandariel Armor –  Available at Fantasy Faire 2013 – Opens April 20th
Hair: [kik]hair-Fine
Horns: :[Plastik]:-Arachzis://Ebony

Sweet dreaming
Strange feeling
My heart’s reeling
I can’t leave it alone
I think you know.