Taking a break from Arcade sneak peeks to post something different. 😀

I felt like being a forest fairy and the Little Pan people from MishMish at the current round of Collabor88 made perfect little additions:

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

Keeping it short and sweet…holiday weekend and I don’t feel like doing much 😛

Credits below.

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Doing a decor themed post today – mostly to show off the Fairy Tree House from Alouette that will be available at The Arcade on March 1st 2014:


This is an adorable little set and worked perfect in my kid themed hideaway. The base is the rare item but the little sets can be used lots of ways and each set includes 1 fairy. You can see all the individual pieces here: Fairy Tree House. 

I went ahead and set up a whole little room and you can see most of those little details here:

Little Dreamers Hideaway

It’s meant to look like a secret getaway fort, I would have loved to have a little escape like this when I was a kid 😛

On to the details and for all things arcade related be sure to refer to the official website

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Believe In Magic

Fantasy Faire 2012 is happening now and there are lots of neat things to be had and pretty scenery to see.  I picked up a complete PETITE mesh avatar today from Plastik and styled it up to make myself into a little blue fairy. I even got some little AO off the marketplace and makes me fling around and do back-flips in the air as I float around. 

Once again, I took these pictures in my yard, but it looks a little different with the windlight I used. Hope ya like it 🙂

There is lots of information on Fantasy Faire 2012 here: http://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/designers-list-2012/
I used that website to help navigate because there are just a LOT of sims to make your way around, and if you are looking for something specific you can figure out at least what sim it is on 🙂

Happy Shopping:

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