How I Roll

So I finally got into Hair Fair yesterday ( yes, yes I know I am ultra late ) and then after that I didn’t feel like doing anything else. 😡
So I played around with making another shape, didn’t feel like getting dressed, put on one of my new hair’s from Hair Fair…and out popped this look. 

The look is nothing special, but I thought I would share it anyways. The odds and ends around my house are new from MudHoney too! Part of the Laura living room set. I love stuff from MudHoney so I always try to work some of the stuff into every house I have.  Here are the details, maybe I will dress more cute tomorrow 😛


Skin: -Glam Affair- Mia Natural 03 ( From Chic2 Birthday Event )
Shape: Work In Progress by Me
Hair: !lamb. Wild at Heart (Mesh) – Grayscale Pack – HAIR FAIR – FLOWER
Eyes: ! Eyes – Electric – REDGRAVE (RGP1120002)

Tank-Top:-SU!- The Tank Black
Over Shirt/Jacket: Kauna – Open Shirt Female: Black (Purchased @ FaMESHed )
Jeans: ** Tyra Jeans Washed Black w/ Flare Cuffs
Sandals: Slink Ilena Sandals Black
Glasses: Reek – Augie Glasses
Necklace: {mon tissu} Take Flight Necklace ~ Graphite
Home Furnishings: MudHoney Laura Livingroom

>> TUNE <<
( I heard this song at the end of the most recent episode of Weeds and loveeeed it!)

Shocked :o

I tried out some new eyes just recently. Anyone that knows me knows I am a bit eye obsessed. ( a bit, being an extreme understatement..).

However I thought these eyes from S H O C K were pretty neat, so I am showing them off today.

There are 4 different eyes shown above: Last Vision, Melancholia, Mirage and Los Muertos. The pictures are unedited aside from cropping, so they are naturally pretty all on their own.

Also the piercing I have on here, is on sale on the marketplace for just 25L 😮
It is from Ivy, and called Yulivee. You can find it here, for a limited time price:

 I also have on my puppy dog shirt to throw contrast to my bad ass piercings 😛 Sweet and innocent right?!
The puppy shirt is an event item from Deetalez  for the SVPAP Project Rescue (Starts 1 June – Ends 22 June).

That’s all for now 😀

Shopping List: 

Skin: -Belleza- Lily V1 SE Tan 0 Hair (cleavage)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sybille Mesh Hair – Dark flame
Shirt: DeeTaleZ –  SVPAP Special Item – I ❤ Animals Tee
Jeans: ** Tyra Jeans Washed Black
Piercing:  ivy. – Piercing Yulivee
Eyes:  [ S H O C K ]  – Last Vision, Melancholia, Mirage and Los Muertos
Teeth: [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon 

>> TUNE << ahaha… more Bieber 😡

Poetic Colors

I remember my first eyes in SL…and they were from Poetic Colors. Lano Ling still makes some of my favorite eyes, and recently has released the Generation 2 eyes.

I have included a BUNCH of pictures, showing off tons of different color options:

The eyes come in 2 shadow options:  bright and dark. They also come in 3 sizes: small, medium and large, so there is no reason you can’t get a size that perfectly suits your avy 🙂

Be sure to head over to Poetic Colors and check out all the new Generation 2 eyes ( my pictures don’t show even half of the color options 😮 ), and pick up your favorite colors 🙂

Happy Shopping!

Shopping List:

Tune <—

Eye Love…

My weakness in Second Life is eyes. I love eyes. All kinds of eyes in all kinds of colors. As a result, today, when I stumbled into .Insufferable Dastard., I kinda went a little crazy. Best thing? Most of the eyes shown below are only 25-40L! So there is plenty of room to pick up tons of colors. I believe the most expensive pair only come in at 99L and they include 5 wear options!


* All Pictures are COMPLETELY unedited, minus sticking them together in collage form. *

Creature of the Night and Hybrid Eyes:

Doll Eyes:

Light Sensitive Eyes: (I FATPACKED them for only 199L! Per type ). LOVE Them:

Shine Eyes:

Sparkle Eyes:

^^ Loveeeeee the sparkle eyes.

As you can see, there is a vast range of eye types. Each type of eye usually comes with at least 2 wear options and the Light Sensitive eyes come with 5!

I believe they are all labeled right, but I left with over 30 pairs of eyes, so I had A LOT of pictures to take :).

There are also a bunch not shown, including a very neat diluted set.

I am including ALL locations that I found, and if all else fails in world, the full line is offered on the marketplace 😀

Happy Shopping!

.Insufferable Dastard. – New Release’s Only Location

.Insufferable Dastard. – Copley Square <— Where I Went

.Insufferable Dastard. – Marketplace


EYE saw….


Happy Halloween Boys and Girls!

Today I am doing an eye post on some amazing eyes from Plastik. Arriving on Halloween none the less, these eyes are spooky, creepy, and as the name indicates…haunting. But at the same time oh so awesome!

Pictured above:

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-Atlante ( One of my personal faves! )

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-Bloody Poltergeist

Pictured Above:

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-Dragarah

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-Hypnotiqe ( Another personal fave! )

Pictured Above:

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-SheThing Bloody

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-Sickness

Pictured Above:

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-The Cell

[Plastik]– Haunt Collection-Zombified


Another great thing about these eyes are that they also come in a prim version as well as the standard eye version. You can mix and match and create your own special look, as I did here:

I mixed and matched my fave 4 of the series to create a totally “eye-catching” look.

Now everyone needs to go buy some eyes, and veg out on Halloween candy…and all will be right in the world! 🙂

Happy Halloween!!

This Is Halloween, This Is Halloween

Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween…..

*snaps back into reality* Oh yes blogging….. 🙂

Soooo many stores are releasing amazing things this Halloween…, but today I am bringing you the newest Halloween releases from The Plastik. There are an insane amount of items being released, thanks to the amazing Aikea Rieko!

This skin pictured is a Halloween release from Plastik. It is the Otherwordly skin in the Skele option, and there is also a Muscle option.

You can see the outlines of bones in the face and throughout the body and some intestinal outlines on the stomach. This cute little outfit shown is also a Halloween release from Plastik!

  • Ears: [Plastik]-Lionheart Elven Ear-L-Otherworldly
    Skin: [Plastik]-LionHeart – Skele – Otherworldly – Evil/Bone
    Eyes: [Plastik]-JadedCollection – Fairytale – Green
    Outift: [Plastik]-Halluwiin’10- Saturday Outfit in Candy Corn
    Hair: TRUTH Estelle –  dark browns

This is the Muscle version of the skin as opposed to the Skele version pictures first. I like these skins a lot simply because they are unique and perfect for the season. And for the simple fact that I can still look cute wearing it 😛

This little green get up is also another Halloween release from Plastik! It comes with a shorts option as well as the thong option shown above.

  • Skin: [Plastik]-LionHeart – Skele – Porcelain – Evel/Muscle
    Ears: [Plastik]-Lionheart Elven Ear-L-Porcelain
    Eyes: [Plastik]-JadedCollection – RoygBiv – Pinktone
    Outfit: [Plastik]-Halluwiin’10- Valerian Set in Swamp Thing
    Hair: TRUTH – Saffron –  black & whites

This is the 3rd Halloween release skin: Widow. While I have never owned a dark skin like this, I actually REALLY like this one. It was such a dramatic change from what I was used to, and I must say I might wear this randomly even when it is not Halloween!

  • Skin: [Plastik]-LionHeart – Widow – Evel
    Ears: [Plastik]-Lionheart – Elven Ear – Widow
    Eyes: [Plastik]-OniCollection – Cumulus – Silver
    Outfit: [Plastik]-Halluwiin’10- Courtesan Dress in Twisted

This outfit is one of my favorite of the Halloween releases, so I wanted to make sure I showed it off. 🙂

  • [Plastik] -Halluwiin’10- Friday Dress In Bones
    [Plastik]-Halluwiin’10- Raziel Collar in Boness

The above 5 outfits are MORE Halloween releases. This blog post could really go on forever if I kept going and going. 😛 There are so many MORE in addition to the one’s I have shown. Pictured above we have ( left to right ):

  • [Plastik]-Halluwiin’10-Astrid Jacket in Spook
    [Plastik]-Halluwiin’10- Leggings in Jack
  • [Plastik]-Halluwiin’10- Element Bodysuit Dress in ArachnoPhobe
  • [Plastik]-Halluwiin’10- Octane Dress in Web
  • [Plastik]-Halluwiin’10-Ambrice Dress in Pumpkin Seeds
  • [Plastik]-Halluwiin’10-Bordello Dress in Serpent

The releases are being staggered over a week long period, so not all the items may be out yet, but I assure you they are worth the wait!

Directly from the group notice: There are 57 items, and they will be Released 5 at a time, every day!

So everyone go TP over to The Plastik and get your Halloween fix!