Lost Butterfly.

LeLUTKA has new heads for Skin Fair 2021!
3 new heads and a new EvoX line which offers HD skins.
The EvoX skins are different than classic skins and must be created specifically for these heads. I plan to show a few of these skins in my next post, but for now I opted to use the ” Classic ” setting on the EvoX Avalon head. It’s really very simple to switch to Classic of EvoX, it’s just one click of a button on the HUD. (You can see it by clicking HERE.)

Also there are elf ears, and they move – and they are precious. You can make ear textures separately for these EvoX heads, which means you can make cute ear tattoos and stuff as well!

Lost Butterfly.//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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