It’s electric.

The Arcade opened yesterday!
I managed to break in to play a bunch of machines, but ended up loving this outfit from Birdy:

It's electric.

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Deco(c)rate – April – What Was Inside?!?

This “reveal” is a little late, but since I started doing these little slide shows I wanted to do it anyway!
The next box will be much quicker.

This is for the APRIL Deco(c)rate, the new one comes out in just a few days. You can still grab this pack too, so never fear if you love alllll the things.

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* Stores with an * means I took the photo myself in lieu of using an official ad.

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“But I don’t want to go among mad people…”

Everyone who knows me, even just a bit, knows that I have a sliiiiiiiiight Alice in Wonderland obsession.
Specifically the Cheshire Cat, but who is focusing on specifics here. 😛

So…. when Deco(c)rate released its Wonderland inspired box this month I sorta squeaked a bit (or a lot).
I loved so many of the items that I took the time to set up a whole tea party!

"But I don’t want to go among mad people..."

I snapped several other photos too:
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