Yikes. RL kinda attacked me and pulled me away for a bit, but I should be back to blogging now.
I missed out on doing a Halloween themed photo, so today’s photo is a bit dark…and probably kinda weird, but that’s okay 😛


The Xiasumi School Festival opened yesterday and I am planning several posts to cover this event. The stuff you see above is all available there. I know it doesn’t seem to fit the “school” vibe you get from the event title, but there are different sections and themes, one of which is horror/haunted house.

Credits are all below ❤

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Runnin’ With The Devil

Happy Halloween!

I put together this look just to creep people out and ended up creeping myself out :O I am wearing this crazy AO that totally makes me spaz out and fling all around. It’s perfect 😛

Anyways, hope you enjoy it.


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