The new Demon Fades from Plastik went perfect with my look for today. They are fully tintable so you can tint them in world to be whatever color best suits your look. I went for a dark gray, almost black shade.

The fades can be worn with different face make-up options. When you buy them there are options to wear just the face only, just the fades ( body only ), or to wear them together. If that’s not enough, each make-up option includes 2 versions. Here are a few:

Go check them out, they also come in different color options too, like Nautical and Lavender. So many options!

I snapped these photos at a sim I stumbled across called Barbee, it’s so pretty there!

Sim Location: Barbee

Items Shown:

  • Skin: LAQ ~ Vilda
  • Hair: TRUTH – Akira
  • Eyes: [Plastik]– Haunt Collection- Atlante and Hypnotiqe
    ( Mix-matched them )
  • Skin Fades: :[P]:-Demon Fades
  • Face Make-ups Shown: ( Part of the Demon Fades ) :
    Aanh II, Gaiha II, Ouii II, Unia II
  • Corset: :[P]:-Ambrice-Corset
  • Lace Top: Gawk! Black Lace Top – Black Satin Corsage
  • Nipple Tape: *SL* Nipple Band Aid’s
  • Skirt: *Linc* Ruffled Miniskirt Black
  • Belt: *BLITZED* Legacy belt – Black
  • Bracelets: *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs – black
  • Choker: *BLITZED* Legacy choker – black
  • Necklace: .:-CatniP-:. Regret…Necklace
  • Finger Tape: SiniStyle Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails
  • Boots: Kboots– black
  • Elf Ears: AITUI – (Type 2) Stretched Ears – Elven Tilt

Happy Shopping!

Random Tune

Oh Hai! I’m A Panda

So today I set out to buy myself a tongue ( hmm….that’s probably the weirdest thing I have said all week ) and while I was at Cobrahive tongue shopping, I came across a tattoo layer that I just had to have…PANDA EYES. 😀

I am a big fan of heavy, dark eye make-up so this was something I just had to own. Thus….a panda blog post was born, because all though I have no intention of walking around like a panda everyday, I happen to think I look quite cute. 🙂

Rummaging through my inventory I was able to put together this little look, perfectly topped off by my yummy bamboo stick. ( well, yummy for a panda ). The bamboo is from CatniP.  I own quite a few cute thing from there, they have lots of cute accessories, so everyone should go there and check it out.

My little shoulder and head birdies from Plastik ( comes with the tattoo too! ) went perfect with this look since I was out wandering around in the wild, and that’s a hippo there behind me….in case you didn’t notice 😛

On to my outfit….

It is not your typical ” go out and play with the elephants and hippos” outfit, but I think that’s what makes it work.  A few days ago I randomly tp’d around to stores I found on the Marketplace, looking for new things to buy. I ended up at +grasp+, and as a result, ended up in this coat and shorts. The shorts actually came with a pair of leather pants..which, I prefer the shorts or ” hot pants” option more, but they do come together as a set.

I have been looking for a new coat or jacket for awhile, and I ended up picking up quite a few while I was there. Lots of nice things at +grasp+, and bunch of unisex things as well, if you are looking to dress up and match your significant other. 😛

Oh and my belt……I ❤ it ridiculously. Its my favorite belt that I own, and it’s from :Sey, which also happens to be where my favorite boots are from. I sometimes wish it had a no ” dangly straps” option, but I think it’s so awesome I just don’t care, even though one day I got told I looked like a gangster. :O

What I Am Wearing:

  • SKIN: [PF] Elly <Maple> – Broken Hearts Bleed
  • HAIR: Ploom – Browns 1 – Fluffcake
  • EYES: [. KnockKnock .] – Eyeline. Lunatic Turqoise.
  • BOOTS: :SEY Layer’s boots[A]Corduroy – Black ( Not Pictured )
  • JACKET: +grasp+/fur lined jacket/Black/womens
  • SHORTS: +grasp+/Leather Pants w/Hot Pants/01 – Hot Pants
  • BAMBOO: .:-CatniP-:. Munchie Bamboo
  • PANDA EYES: Cobrahive – Panda Eyes – Tattoo Layer
  • TATTOO: [Plastik]-Burdies And Feathers.
  • BIRDS: [Plastik]-Burdies And Feathers.

* All the pictures were taken HERE: Dernier Cri – Such awesome landscaping there, and if you go today or tomorrow there is a cute cute cute tank top out for Project Themeory. ( Not Pictured, but still oh so cute ).

Gonna go morph myself out of panda mode now, but hope you guys enjoyed the post!