Heart, Heart, Head.

Something a bit sexier today, since I have been on a “cutesy” spree.
I love alllllllllll things kitten’y so this body suit from Blueberry (at Epiphany) was a must have for me ❤

Heart, Heart, Head.

You can find all the credits below.

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6.11.14….why the caged bird sings.

A different type of post from me today.
Stockholm & Lima released a new cage a few days ago and I wanted to take a picture in it:

...why the caged bird sings.

The cage is RLV enabled but has an array of poses from the “perch” options which I am using one of them in my photo as well as capture/bondage animations. What is neat about this cage, as well as the majority of all Stockholm & Lima products is that they contain custom animations made specifically for the product. So you won’t find the same animations in this cage as you find in other things…makes for a some neat surprises 😛

On to the credits – I have been a busy bee lately *.*

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