Serene Sanctuary.

The Serene Sanctuary is one of the newer builds from 8f8.

It is a gacha, and available at the Xiasumi School Festival, which ends tomorrow April 21st.
So make sure you go now 😛

Serene Sanctuary.

→ Build: 8f8 – (8f8) – Serene Sanctuary – Koi House RARE @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Smaller Build: 8f8 – (8f8) – Serene Sanctuary – Resting Shade @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Rug: 8f8 – (8f8) – Serene Sanctuary – Bamboo Rug @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Bench: 8f8 – (8f8) – Serene Sanctuary – Sakura Bench @ Xiasumi School Festival
→ Trees: HPMD* – (Sasaya Kayo) – Garden Trees with Lights – Green
→ Grass: [we’re CLOSED] – (Mandingo Quan) – Grass Field Lush
→ Bush1: HPMD* – (Sasaya Kayo) – Shrub – Green
→ Bush2: [we’re CLOSED] – (Mandingo Quan) – Shrub – Large Green

6.16.14 – Bali Resort

The new round of The Garden/Boutique/Poser Pavilion by The Liaison Collaborative  started yesterday.

The theme of the current round is “Bali” and I fell in love with the Bali Resort set from 8f8.
I was able to incorporate a bunch of other things from The Garden into the resort set since everything fit the theme so nice:

Bali Resort

The Bali Resort set shown above does come in separate pieces, which makes it easy to build your own layout such as I did.
The piers and dock pieces can be easily positioned together to make the setup as small or as large as you’d like – including the huts that are separate as well so you can rez one or 10 😛

I took a bunch of smaller shots to show all the details that I put into the set up:


In addition, I wanted to go ahead and include a “fashion portion” of this post and it gave me a reason to actually put the furniture in the pictures to use:




This post is pretty pic heavy, so as you can imagine the credits are gonna be quite long. If I missed anything please feel free to ask ❤


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2.28.14 – Bookworm’s Nest

The Arcade opens tonight at midnight! – If you haven’t already joined the in world group I suggest you do that and get the pre-loader HUD that is available to help with loading all the gacha ads ahead of time.

On to my post though, which I just so happen to love today. *.*

{Vespertine} is easily one of my top favorite decor/build stores – and the gacha that Amelie is offering up this round for the Arcade is no exception. The textures are fantastic ( I love worn/warm woods and dark colors ) and the items are able to be used as a set or individually. Without further rambling – The Bookworm’s Nest:

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies...

Bookworm's Nest

I have worked in some other items from other stores because I enjoyed setting up these scene, but 90% of the items are from {Vespertine}. You can see all the individual items for the specific Bookworm’s Nest gacha HERE on Amelie’s flickr.

On to the credits as decor posts always take me awhile 😛

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