Bang Bang.

DeeTaleZ recently released some army body suits in a variety of colors all of which I am gonna show you below.

The body suits come with appliers, for all you prim endowed ladies, however I am just showing them off normally because I actually don’t own a pair of those things 😛

Don’t know what’s up with the guns.. but I look dangerous right!?!? ( yes, I know… I don’t look the least bit dangerous…but just humor me :P). 

The body suits come in black ( shown above ) and all these other colors:

I am gonna stop rambling though, its 3am.. hopefully this post even makes sense 😛 

Night nightttt!

Here’s the details:

Skin: [PF] Kumi – Defined
Hair: !lamb. Oh Baby Doll (Mesh) – Honeycomb Root
Bodysuit: DeeTaleZ Tops Army body sheer – Black ( and all other colors )
Guns: From *BREACH*
Bras: All Bras shown are either from *BOOM* or *Gawk*
Dog Tags: [MANDALA]SHAMIRA DOG TAG necklace/Black

>> TUNE <<

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead…

New sexy little dresses from d.Select are out now. I chose to spice mine up a bit by breaking out the “big guns”.  Lately I have just been in the mood for some good combat RP in SL. I wanna shoot guns and play with swords. However, I am starting to think I just suck at finding places to do this 😛 Any recommendations?!? Feed back is appreciated here, or on my flickr.  Oh yes, back to blogging…

These dresses are awesome, they come in lots of colors and as you can see, you can dress them up all cutesy or grunge them down with guns and bed head hair.

I look dangerous right? 😛

Shopping List:

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