Innocence Lost

I am kinda obsessed with the Neon Angel set from Stockholm & Lima for the new round of The Fantasy Collective (opens today at NOON SLT).

Sooo…I had to do a picture with it.

Innocence Lost.

The set is RLV & Lockguard enabled and you can change the color of the neon to match your decor (ya know, if you wanted to be a purple angel or something).

Looks cute hanging in my SL bedroom. 😀

Rest of the credits are below ❤

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6.11.14….why the caged bird sings.

A different type of post from me today.
Stockholm & Lima released a new cage a few days ago and I wanted to take a picture in it:

...why the caged bird sings.

The cage is RLV enabled but has an array of poses from the “perch” options which I am using one of them in my photo as well as capture/bondage animations. What is neat about this cage, as well as the majority of all Stockholm & Lima products is that they contain custom animations made specifically for the product. So you won’t find the same animations in this cage as you find in other things…makes for a some neat surprises 😛

On to the credits – I have been a busy bee lately *.*

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Glamour Girl

*CandyDoll* has a new lace dress, that is cute and ultra feminine. ( lace to me, always seems ultra girly 😛 ). It does NOT include the bra top, which leaves room for endless layering possibilities, or color mix-matching options.

The lace dress comes in 9 color options total.

I took these pictures in this cute little pose room from Dantel, which is a new store to me. This little room has tons of built-in poses, with lots of cute little details like the cat in the window, and heels and bras thrown all over the floor. I called my friend Dusky over to pose with me, so we could show off the multi person options:

The pose room is 117 prims, but perfect for posing for photos with your friends, or just all alone with your cat 😛

Style Details:

Happy Shopping!