Oh, deer.

I got a horse on a whim one day when my partner and I decided we NEEDED them. (yes, a mighty need).
Needless to say we had them out for a day or two and then my poor horse hadn’t seen the light of day since.

I decided to dust it off after I saw some cute pajamas by Jinx at The Chapter Four. Horse pajamas!
However, after buying the pajamas I somehow came across a whole reindeer add-on and well.. now my horse is a reindeer. 🙂

Oh, deer.

He’s really cute though.
Like… really cute.

You can find all the details below ❤

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Go your own way.

Do you ever have one of those stores in SL that no matter what they make… you know you must have it.
That there’s a good chance that you probably needed it before it ever even existed and then you wonder how you survived without it in your SLife?!?

That’s how I am with the home/decor store Hive.
I sometimes feel like the creator wandered inside my brain (eep scary!) and created things that I love and never knew I needed. There are so many cute, cluttery things and the most perfect little houses and builds.

Also gachas! Which I am showing one today along with some trees and a Fifty Linden Friday item I am a few days too slow in posting – so hope you got that while it was discounted.

Go your own way.

Lots of pics in this post, but you can find alllll the things listed below. ❤

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