Lingers so gently in rustic illusions.

This is going to be a pretty pic heavy post, as I wanted to squeeze in a bunch of things and I got carried away.

6Republic is in its final week so if you have not checked out this event – now is the time!
The theme is Industrial and there really are so many nice things. I am showing off both a bedroom and a dining room set today, so enough rambling.

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Oh Won’t You Please Take Me Home

Just in case you happened to miss the giant picture of a house above…( lol ) … For this blog post I am jumping ship on the traditional fashion posts, and blogging about my house that I finally finished decorating. 😀

Brace yourself for a picture heavy post, because I just want to show it off at all angles and make sure I include where to get everything. 🙂

Nothing is ” new ” per se, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome!

Where to buy the house:

:[MudHoney]: Designs – Country Cottage, Smaller Version


This is my living room!

I modded the color of the walls to my liking and turned the two bedrooms into one, but it was all easily done since the house is fully modifiable.


Where To Buy What You See ( Living Room ):

  • [What Next] – Ciel Living Room – INCLUDES ALL OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: ( Some not shown ):
  • *Two fireside armchairs, one natural and one blue
    *Scatter floor pillows
    *Hanging Peg/Photo Decor
    * Two photo frames
    * Art shelf with paintings
    * Ladder Shelf
    * Two mini topiary plants
    * Tealight candle in a jar
    * Star candle holder with candle
    * Vase
    * Two wicker storage baskets
    * Fire basket with logs
    * Mug of cocoa, Plate of cupcakes and tray
    *Coffee table
    * Area rug
    * Wall hanging
    * Decorative old picture frame
    * Floor lamp
  • :::OBF::: Couple Reading Blanket
  • {what next} ‘Flying Home’ Wall Decal
  • {what next} ‘Birds in the Bush’ Wall Decal
  • {what next} ‘Circling Birds’ Wall Decal
  • Kyoot Home – Silhouette Photo Tree I (Black)
  • :::OBF::: Love Sofa – TYPE O (Texture Change)
  • (FT) Rug – N/A
  • {what next} Arbre Table Lamp and {what next} Arbre Table
  • The LOFT – Bago Bedroom Rug


On to the bedroom:

I love this bed so much its ridiculous, and I believe there is a newer version out as well, however it is very primmy. 40 prims worth of primmy to be exact 😛 But so pretty none the less.

Where To Buy What You See: ( Bedroom ):

The house includes this little loft area you see pictured above. I really had no idea what to put here, but I am sure it could be used for a bedroom or a studio of some kind. Or a place just to relax. I did change the colors of the wall to my liking, which again, is oh so easy since the house is modifiable. 🙂


This is a far away shot of the house, which includes my horses. They are the ” new rage ” in breedable pets you might say. They are made by Amaretto Breedables, and are strangely addictive. To me at least…but I am not a crazy horse lady I swear….*runs off into the horse field waving my arms and screaming like a wild banshee*


Anyways… O.O

Hope you enjoyed yet another trip inside my home, and happy shopping ❤

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