Glam Affair – Gemma

The Arcade starts soon! In just a few days – December 1st to be exact.

I have seen SO MANY things I can’t wait to go “gamble” for ( I feel like gacha’s are slot machines lol ) but today I am showing what Glam Affair has to offer for The Arcade’s December round, and that is Gemma!

Glam Affair - Gemma

The Gemma gacha will contain 12 make-ups – each with 7 different eyebrow colors as well as 4 different lip type options, 2 sets of moles and 3 freckle layers.

Glam Affair - Gemma

The above collage shots are all raw unedited shots ( since the first large photo is post processed ) and the 3 skins with the leafy make-ups are the 3 rares ( 7,8 & 9 ). The large photo to the left side of the collage shows one of the freckle options as well as an alternate lip option. The 12 smaller shots are the make-ups in order from 1 – 12.

Can’t wait for Arcadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ❤

Be sure to check their website for other updates, or the flickr group for more sneak peeks from other brands!

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8.30.13 – Glam Affair: Candy – The Arcade

Yet another gorgeous skin to show off today as a sneak peek for The Arcade.
Starting on Sunday – September 1st you can try your luck at the Glam Affair gacha to win this beautiful Candy skin.

This is makeup-up option 1:

Glam Affair: Candy - For The Arcade
Candy is available in 14 make-ups with 4 different eyebrow versions each.
The skin tones are mostly America tones with 4 Europa options.

I wanted to show all the make-ups – they are not in order because I am a spaz and like to mix things up –  but I did number them according to the gacha number. Also – the freckles are available on a tattoo layer and not actually on the skin, so you can add freckles to all of them if you wish. 🙂



Glam Affair - Candy 7 & 4

All of the above are the America tone make-ups and the following 4 options are the Europa skin tones with corresponding make-ups 11 thru 14 ( these pictures also show the 4 eyebrow color options A B C & D ) :

These are also the RARE skins.

Europa 11thru14Raw

Not really any specifics today since this is a skin blog and I am not wearing any clothes lol 😮

But I am soooooooooooooo ready for The Arcade to open September 1st ❤

8.28.13 – Belleza Leila for The Arcade

The Arcade opens on Sunday and really I don’t think it could get here fast enough.
I have seen so many great sneek peeks at items – if you wanna have a peek for yourself I suggest The Arcade flickr group:

However today I wanted to show off what Belleza has to offer for The Arcade: Leila!

Belleza for Arcade

Leila is a brand new face that will be available for 100L per play starting September 1st.

There are 15 make-ups total, 3 of which are rare and the skin tones are a range of fair, pale, medium, sunkissed and tan.

Since the above large picture IS edited, I wanted to show all the rest of the photos as raw shots, not edited at all aside from putting them in the collage format.

Here are the 3 rares:


Make-ups 4 -9:


Make-ups 10-15:


Leila is beautiful and the make-ups really are perfect since they come in a range of basics and even the more dramatic make-ups are not over the top.

Save those L’s for The Arcade!

All the details:

Skin: -Belleza- – (Shyla Diggs) – Leila – @ The Arcade – September 1st
Hair: Exile::– (Kavar Cleanslate) – Longest Night – Natural Fusion 2
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – (Audrey Lamede) – Gem, Basics v2 & Mirror
Teeth: [PXL] – (Hart Larsson) – OpenMouth PRO
Necklace: ::LEONARD:: – (Lady Leonard) – Shard Pendant Necklace -silver/gold- @ The Chapter Four – Sept. 4th