Sari-Sari is in the upcoming round of the Arcade – which opens June 1st.

The set they have available inspired my set up for today’s blog and I also mixed in a few other items for the Arcade as well:


5.29.14 - 2

Also a newer release from Aphrodite Shop is this cute brunch set:

Beachside Brunch

It comes with all the items shown, chairs, table and all the foods and drinks.

I have a few more posts in the works but I have been so busy lately, hopefully I get them up soon >.<

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Good Morning

I am up super early today ( well for me anyway, I love my sleep lol ) so I decided to blog my current bedroom set up.

Good Morning

The bed I am using is from Heart Homes and it is texture change and has several preset themes. I am using the “memories” theme but there are quite a few other themes available which suit a range of color palettes.

Most of the other stuff I had hiding away in my inventory, decorating always gives me a reason to use some of my older favorite things.

Good Morning - Details

On to the details, I have other rooms to blog next 😛

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Having a tea party today. 😛


I set this up awhile ago and forgot I had taken the pictures 😡
Better late than never though!

Anyone that knows me well enough knows I am a tad Alice in Wonderland obsessed. I tend to collect anything and everything to do with it and SL is no exception. Soooo….I had to have this little wonderland party set that I found on the marketplace. It went great with the Fairy Tale gacha items from O.M.E.N currently available at The Arcade. You still have until the end of the month to go try your luck at the gachas ❤

I am wearing a dress from Davi Designs called Bohemian Dreams and I felt it worked with the fantasy tea party scene as well as matching my giant flower hat.

And now to the credits:

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