Deco(c)rate – April – What Was Inside?!?

This “reveal” is a little late, but since I started doing these little slide shows I wanted to do it anyway!
The next box will be much quicker.

This is for the APRIL Deco(c)rate, the new one comes out in just a few days. You can still grab this pack too, so never fear if you love alllll the things.

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* Stores with an * means I took the photo myself in lieu of using an official ad.

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Powder Pack – Lelutka [May] – What’s Inside?!?

The newest Powder Pack was released earlier today (Lelutka May edition).
I never get to show everything that’s in each box so I wanted to take the time to make a slide show showing ALL THE THINGS!

This box is pretty great, it helps I love my Lelutka head. ❤

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Go your own way.

Do you ever have one of those stores in SL that no matter what they make… you know you must have it.
That there’s a good chance that you probably needed it before it ever even existed and then you wonder how you survived without it in your SLife?!?

That’s how I am with the home/decor store Hive.
I sometimes feel like the creator wandered inside my brain (eep scary!) and created things that I love and never knew I needed. There are so many cute, cluttery things and the most perfect little houses and builds.

Also gachas! Which I am showing one today along with some trees and a Fifty Linden Friday item I am a few days too slow in posting – so hope you got that while it was discounted.

Go your own way.

Lots of pics in this post, but you can find alllll the things listed below. ❤

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You should have known I was a fire.

Just some more Epiphany things – as well as a few of my favorites from the Lelutka Powder Pack.

You should have known I was a fire.

All the things below. ❤

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