● Policy & Contact Information

Thanks for taking the time to read this section!
I am open to review copies but cannot promise to blog everything I receive if it does not suit my personal taste and styling preferences. That being said, my style does range drastically and I do my best to include all items received but sometimes I do take awhile.

Please allow adequate time for me to post items. Sometimes I do get busy, or RL prevents me from posting as often.

If you would like to send reviews, or you have any questions/inquires, please contact Brandi Monroe in world ❤


2 thoughts on “● Policy & Contact Information

  1. Hello! I am new to blogging and I would love to add a section to my side menu like yours that calls out what I wear all the time. Can you tell me how you did that. I have looked at widgets and can’t figure out what to use! Thanks for taking a few moments to read this and hopefully respond!

    • Hello – Happy to help! It actually is a widget, it’s just the “Text” one. Basically just gives you a blank box to write whatever you want. I use it for several things. If you want to format any of it, like so it’s clickable/linkable you would have to use your own HTML type stuff, but the way I did it was just to type stuff in the text widget. Was easier in case I forgot to credit those things sometimes. If that doesn’t make any sense feel free to write me in world too and I can try to help. 🙂

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