Cats & Coffee.

A cute post with all the newly updated coffees from Hive!

Cats & Coffee.

Also this desk available at FaMESHed is super nice! There is also a version where you can click to close it up. 

You can find the full credits below:

The Scene:

Atelier Burgundy . Bruno Writing Desk (open w/ decor) . dark @ FaMESHed
Atelier Burgundy . Bruno Chair w/ Pillow . dark @ FaMESHed
(fd) Cat – 09 Ready to Pounce
Fancy Decor: Ivan Light @ FaMESHed
Kraftwork Shabby Console Desk . Laptop
Fancy Decor: Ivan Cheese Board @ FaMESHed
hive // cold brew coffee to go . large . rez
hive // coffee on the go holder . rez
hive // iced coffee on the go . rez
hive // study buddy pack . hold R2 @ Kustom9
*rezzed pencils are part of pack.
*please note, these items are meant to be held. 
hive // autumnal plant . oak
hive // autumnal plant . chestnut

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