Sell your soul.

IN LOVE with this hood from Insomnia Angel:

Sell your soul.

I even convinced Gabe to dress up creepy with me, I just want to stay like this forever now. 

Also the cages you see around us are GORGEOUS, they are from DaD at The Arcade! See the full key HERE

Credits are all below ❤

Things I am wearing:

● Head: LeLUTKA. – Ryn Head 2.0
● Skin: Lara Hurley – Sandra Rose Pale
● Eyes: AG. – Zombie Eyes Pack @ Satan, Inc.
● Eye Makeups: // Saorsa // – Dark Circles – Dark Tones @ TLC
● Hair: tram – I0314 hair
● Hood with Hands: Insomnia Angel . Death Coming Hood @ Satan, Inc.
● Dress: DEAD DOLL – Widow Gown @ Satan, Inc.

Things Gabe is wearing:

● Suit: ColdAsh
● Hat: Deadwool
● Face Paint: PMS – Skeleton Face #2 Tattoo

● Cages: 

11 – DaD “The Cage Collector – Spider trap Cage” @ The Arcade
01 – DaD “The Cage Collector – The King Is Alive RARE” @ The Arcade
05 – DaD “The Cage Collector Pumpkins Cage” @ The Arcade
04 – DaD “The Cage Collector Eye Magic Cage” @ The Arcade
09 – DaD “The Cage Collector – Mortimer Skull” @ The Arcade

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