LeLUTKA – Skyler.

Lelutka has a brand new MALE mesh head coming soon to Skin Fair!
The “Skyler” head is the first male head to be added to the Evolution Line.

LeLUTKA - Skyler.

The above picture is shown with the shape and skin that comes with the head! It’s really pretty impressive straight out of the box. The beard is also included. (The only thing we are using that didn’t come with the head are the eyes). The head also includes the hairbase shown as well as another variation and an assortment of freckles and facial add-ons.

Skin Fair opens to the public on March 13th, but if you are in the Lelutka group you can access the sim starting tomorrow, March 12th at 9am SLT.

Leltuka will be located on the South sim of Skin Fair and this is a direct URL.

You can find all of the credits below:

Things shown:

Head:  LeLUTKA. – Skyler Head @ Skin Fair 2020
Skin: LeLUTKA. Face.Skyler. * comes with the head!
Hair: Hairbase that comes with the Skyler head!

Clothing: Deadwool. 

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