Baela Bedroom.

[Tia] has a new mainstore release – The Baela Bedroom. It’s super impressive!

Baela Bedroom.

Here’s some information regarding this set as the entire engine is new and bento ready!

[Tia] The Beala Bed Info

Animations —————————————————————————

Extensive and high quality roleplay and sex engine.

– Sits three people:

– Single sits

– Couple Cuddles

– Couple Sex – Foreplay, Oral, Dominants, Kinks, Doggy, Rides, Missionary, Kneeling.

– Threesome Cuddles – MMF and FFM

– Threesomes Sex – MMF and FFM

– LGBT Girls Cuddles & Sex

– LGBT Boys cuddles & Sex

Features ——————————————————————————

– 7 Colour changer – Purple, Blue, Green, Gold, Copper, Red, Black

Land Impact ————————————————————————

– 11 – Bed

– 3 – Wall lights if linked.

[Tia] The Baela Couch Info

Animations —————————————————————————

– Sits two people.

– Single sits

– Couple Cuddles

– Couple Sex – Foreplay, Oral, Chair Sex, Doggy, Kneeling and Standing.

Land Impact ————————————————————————

– 3 – Couch

[Tia] Baela – Family Tree Bookshelf Info

Vine trained bookshelf, comes with books and urns.

Shelf supplied without books and urns.

Each urn and set of books is unlinkable, so you can add

your own items and decorations to the shelf as you wish.

Land Impact ————————————————————————

– 7 Prim – with everything.

– 3 Prim – without books and urns

[Tia] Baela – Fireplace Info

Elven fireplace with animated flame texture.

Click the fire itself to switch off/on the fire crackling sound.

Land Impact ————————————————————————

– 3 Prim

[Tia] Baela – Chandelier Info

Elven moon decorative chandelier with glow fae lights.

Land Impact ————————————————————————

– 6 Prim


Please note bento animations only work for bento capable heads and bodies/hands.
If using the pre bento default second life avatar, facial expressions and hand animations will not work.

The couch is shown here:

Each item comes in a cuddle version as well if you don’t want the adult animations, and facial animations for bento heads can be turned off via the menu if you do not want to use them too!

You can find all of the credits below:

The Baela Bedroom set is a main store release.

[Tia] Baela Bed
[Tia] Baela – Chandelier
[Tia] Baela – Family Tree Bookshelf – Complete
[Tia] Baela Couch

*** [Tia] Baela Bedroom Set – FATPACK Info <— click to see all items that are included in this set. 
Includes all items from the Baela Bedroom Set
at a discount of 20%

Mutresse – Yawning-Shortie Cats
[Tia] Pompeii – Fragrant Hanging Herbs
[Tia] Madison – Light String
Soy. Green Plants Wall Panel
hive // wooden console table . dark
[Tia] Harper Monstera Plant
[Tia] Madison – Fireside Lovers RugsA
hive // wooden hanging light
Apple Fall – Leather Moccasins

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