Seasonal Prep.

Hive is having a 50% off sale!
The 50% off everything sale: enjoy everything at 50% from now until November 21st at midnight slt!
(gachas are excluded.)
** note: due to how the vendor system is set up, you will have to pay the vendor full price and it will automatically kick back a 50% refund to you.

Seasonal Prep.

The sale is to celebrate the new sim build, which is super cute. Go check it out and pick up the new group gift too! A silver dollar eucalyptus plant – the group is free to join. Make sure to use the new sim LM though!

Also the new pine cones from DISORDERLY. at Belle are seriously perfect for your upcoming holiday decorating.
Go check those out too!

The Scene:

Nutmeg. Attic Hideout Coffee Table
hive // silver dollar eucalyptus . group gift
DISORDERLY. / Golden Pines / Loose / Painted @ Belle
DISORDERLY. / Golden Pines / Trees / Plain @ Belle
hive // magnolia branches . prepped
hive // magnolia branch . single
hive // coffee on the go
hive // devil’s ivy overhang plant . light

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