Game Over.

As always the ANTINATURAL[+] set at Lootbox is nothing short of impressive:

Game Over.

I really like doing Sci-Fi type photos, so I always look forward to their releases.

You can find all of the credits below:

Things I am wearing:

● Hair: *ARGRACE* – HIKARI – Dark Brown
● Goggles: ANTINATURAL[+] Metamorphose2077 / Cybersnorkels / BLACK @ LOOTBOX
● Mask: ANTINATURAL[+]  Metamorphose2077 / Watcher Mask / BLACK @ LOOTBOX
● Outfit: ANTINATURAL[+]  Metamorphose2077 / Droid Lightsuit – RARE LOOTBOX 1.01 @ LOOTBOX
● Arms: ANTINATURAL[+]  Metamorphose2077 / Power Gloves – RARE LOOTBOX 1.01 @ LOOTBOX

● Backdrop: ANTINATURAL[+]  Metamorphose2077 / BUILD1.01 – RARE LOOTBOX 1.01 @ LOOTBOX

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