Woodlands Cottage.

The new round of Uber is open!
Designers Choice is the theme and those rounds are always my favorite as you get a bunch of different things. Yay variety! One of my personal favorite things though is the build from [Tia] that I kind of had a “love at first sight” affair with.

Woodlands Cottage.

I literally fell in love with this build as soon as I saw it, not to mention all the things that come with it to match. The warm wood and open layout of the house is just perfect. I love smaller builds like this, so they are easy to decorate, prim/LI friendly, but still enough space for one bedroom and a small kitchen (I love my kitchens).

I took a bunch of shots below to show all the little details, but the string lights are a free gift at Uber too!

You can find all of the credits below ❤

The Scene:

● Build: [Tia] Madison – Woodlands Cottage @ Uber

[Tia] Madison – Pond Lillies @ Uber
llorisen // keating blinds.dark wood * past FLF. 
[Tia] Madison – Jacuzzi @ Uber
* with water, candles, bubbles and petals turned on.
.peaches. Lech Lecha Wine Cart – Rustic @ Uber
[Tia] Madison – Light String * Free Gift @ Uber
[Tia] Madison – Fireplace @ Uber
[Tia] Madison – Fireside Lovers Rugs @ Uber
[Tia] Madison – Wagon Wheel @ Uber
Aloe – Pumpkin – Orange – Bumpy @ Collabor88
Kalopsia – Welcome Mat (Texture change)
[Tia] Madison – Hanging Bench @ Uber
[Tia] Madison – Deck Chairs @ Uber
[Tia] Madison – Deck Fireplace @ Uber
[Tia] Madison – Pumpkins & Candles @ Uber
[Tia] Madison – Coffee Table @ Uber
{vespertine}– monstera plant.
{vespertine}– aloe vera plant.
{vespertine}– peacock plant.
{vespertine}– spider plant.
{vespertine} – little plants 19
{vespertine}– aglaonema plant.

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