Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

I am beginning to think I have an unhealthy obsession with Second Life kitchens.
I really love setting up kitchens for some reason, so when Hive released the new “Practical Kitchen” I was itching to make it all cute and lived in.

Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

The kitchen is made to fit in the Scarlet Creative – Magicae House which is based on the house from Practical Magic. You can pick up the entire building as well as the kitchen at either the Hive or Scarlet Creative main stores. (They are insanely cheap at the moment!).

I was also obsessed with these little fox mugs from What Next that were out for the past round of Fifty Linden Friday. If you didn’t grab them then, you may have to pay a bit more than 50L, but they are SO very cute.

Since I am kitchen crazy I took a bunch of other pictures to show all things:

You can find all of the credits below ❤

* I did my best to break up the credits as much as possible so they were easier to figure out what was what. If there are any questions though, please ask.

* I also tend to use a lot of gacha items when I decorate. 

● Build: Scarlet Creative – Magicae House – Nature

● Kitchen Parts: hive // practical kitchen . full set
Stove, Cabinets, Sink, Over-sized Island.

● On the center island: (L to R)

hive // practical kitchen . oversized island
Fancy Decor: Table Runner
{what next} Country Kitchen Apple Pie
{what next} Country Kitchen Blackberry Pie
.random.Matter. – Witch’s Kitchen – Cookbook @ Collabor88
{what next} Country Kitchen Cookbook
.random.Matter. – Witch’s Kitchen – Cocoa @ Collabor88
.random.Matter. – Witch’s Kitchen – Pumpkin @ Collabor88
.random.Matter. – Witch’s Kitchen – Cauldron @ Collabor88
.random.Matter. – Witch’s Kitchen – Pie @ Collabor88
PILOT – Kitchen Timer
– Granny’s Winter Cottage – Baking Set
{what next} Fox Mug Decor (Coffee)
{what next} Fall Woodland Drinks (Cider)
{what next} Fox Mug Decor (Cider)
hive // autumnal plant . chestnut
hive // autumnal plant . oak
Sari-Sari – Kitchen Essentials – Eggs
hive // baking bundle B
{what next} Fall Woodland Cookies (log)
Fancy Decor: Prescott Rug @ Uber

● Door Area:

+Half-Deer+ Soiree Curtains – White Lace – Tied
hive // macrame hanging plant . white
Aloe – Pumpkin – Orange Dirty – Bumpy @ Collabor88

● Sink modular piece area: (L ro R)

hive // vintage toaster RARE
Sari-Sari – Kitchen Essentials – Paper Towel
hive // suds station
MudHoney – Kitchen Clutter Pot Rack ULTRA RARE
Sari-Sari– Kitchen Essentials – Dish Rack RARE
hive // kitchen canisters
Dutchie – bucket with mop (home)
Fancy Decor: Prescott Vase with Branches @ Uber

● Back counters area: (L to R)

hive // mass canes plant
Trompe Loeil – Laney Dining Bench White
Aloe – Pumpkin – Orange Dirty – Bumpy @ Collabor88
(fd) Cat – 08 Stretching
Aloe – Pumpkin – White Dirty – Bumpy @ Collabor88
MudHoney – Kitchen Clutter Baking Dishes
hive // kitchen canisters
hive // kitchen scale
8f8 – Granny’y Winter Cottage – Apple Basket
MudHoney – Kitchen Clutter Cannisters

● On top of the cabinets: (L to R)

Aloe – Pumpkin – Orange Dirty – Bumpy @ Collabor88
:CP: Tin Can Herbs – Basil
MudHoney – Kitchen Clutter Cannisters
:CP: Tin Can Herbs – Rosemary
[Atomic] – Gacha_Merry Baker – Merry Canisters
:CP: Tin Can Herbs – Parsley
Pixel Mode – The Kitchen – Canisters
:CP: Tin Can Herbs – Chives

● Stove area: (L to R)

hive // pink caladium plant
Apple Fall – Hanging Wicker Basket
DRD – RK – Counter Clutter – One
hive // kitchen utensils
hive // paper towels
Sari-Sari – Kitchen Essentials – Knife Strip
hive // cutting board
Sari-Sari – Kitchen Essentials – Chives and Parsley 1
MudHoney – Kitchen Clutter Mixer RARE
hive // secret ingredient sign EXCLUSIVE
MudHoney – Kitchen Clutter Pans
hive // baking bundle A
Sari-Sari – Kitchen Essentials – Pot and Spoon
DRD – RK – Counter Clutter – Three
hive // knife set
Aloe – Pumpkin – Orange Dirty – Bumpy @ Collabor88
{what next} Kitchen Broom Decor

● Dining Room area:

::KKs:: flying curtains – white lace 3
::KKs:: flying curtains – white lace 6
tarte. farmhouse dining collection – FULL SET
hive // potted plants . swiss cheese plant . pot b
Fancy Decor: Abigail Rug

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