Unicorn Magic.

After being in Second Life for over 10 years, I rarely get “wowed” by things.
Today however, I was trying out the new gacha from The Plastik called Unicorn Kinn and OMGwow!

Unicorn Magic.

The details on the skin and all really fascinated me as well as the large variety of items and the tail that swishes all around. The tail even has a HUD full of different poses and animations. I am really impressed with this gacha.

You can see the full key below:

This gacha will be at the Lootbox Gacha event starting tomorrow – September 20th!

You can find all of the credits below ❤

Things I am wearing:

● Head: .LeLutka. – Mesh Head – Simone

● Skin: :[P]: – Unicorn Kinn:// Darkin Skin @ Lootbox
* skin comes with appliers for all the major mesh head brands as well as OMEGA.
*body appliers too!

● Hair: Lamb. – Dream * fatpack exclusive color. 
● Eyes: :[P]: – Demon Eyes:// Noir @ Lootbox
● Lipstick: *Birth* ‘Ursula’ Lelutka Applier – Lipsticks3 @ Lootbox
● Eyeshadow: *Birth* ‘Ursula’ Lelutka Applier – Eyeshadow3 @ Lootbox

● Top: :[P]: – Kinn Top @ Lootbox
* Maitreya and Hourglass Options
● Panties: :[P]: – Kinn Panties @ Lootbox
* Maitreya and Hourglass Options

● Other things worn from the :[P]: – Unicorn Kinn Gacha: @ Lootbox

:[P]:- Kinn Backfluff
:[P]:- Kinn Body Sparkles
:[P]:- Kinn Chestpiece
:[P]:- Kinn Ears
:[P]:- Kinn Face Sparkles
:[P]:- Kinn Hair Flower
:[P]:- Kinn Halo
:[P]:- Kinn Horn:// Whimsy
:[P]:- Kinn Necklace [Choker-Fem]
:[P]:- Kinn Necklace [Long-Fem]
:[P]:- Kinn Tail
:[P]:- Kinn Tailrings

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