Bittersweet Symphony.

CURELESS[+] recently released the ” Melodic Doll ” gacha at The Epiphany.
Upon seeing the first work in progress pictures I became a bit obsessed and had to have this whole entire set.

A whole bunch of Ls later (and special help from my partner) I finally got all the pieces:

Bittersweet Symphony.

I wanted to show it from the front too and couldn’t decide which picture I liked more, so I edited them both:

Also included a few other shots to show the scene and details:

You can visit this scene for the remainder of the week at Corruption (before I take it down) if you wish to use it for any of your own photos. (Members only sim, so you would have to join the group).

You can also view the Melodic Doll Gacha – Full Key here. 

You can find all of the credits below ❤

Things I am wearing:

● Head: CATWA HEAD – Catya v3.0
● Skin: Insol: ‘Just Alice’ @ The Epiphany
● Hair: Tram – G0519 hair *
*white/blonde color tinted pink. 

● Outfit: CURELESS[+] Melodic Doll @ The Epiphany
          CURELESS[+] Melodic Doll / Violin Torso / RARE
          CURELESS[+] Melodic Doll / Dolly Arms / RARE
          CURELESS[+] Melodic Doll / Rose Pasties / PINK
          CURELESS[+] Melodic Doll / Dolly Legs / PINK
          CURELESS[+] Melodic Doll / Doll Choker / SILVER
          CURELESS[+] Melodic Doll / Violin Bow

Things around me:

● Taken on the Corruption sim  – you are welcomed to visit and take photos!
(Corruption is members only adult sim, so you will have to join a paid group.)
This set up is temporary and will be removed at the end of the week. 

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