Gone Fishing.

I am a bit obsessed with the new build from Hive at Uber.
So much so that I went home and redesigned a whole corner of my land for it.

Gone Fishing.

It is perfect for the upcoming summer months and I really love the addition of the power lines/poles.

I snapped a few closer pics to show how I decorated it:

You can find all of the credits below ❤

All the things:

hive // waterside shack w/ dock @ Uber

7 – No Lifeguard Sign
7 – Ice Machine
Le Poppycock *Bae Watch* Marine Life (Barrels)
hive // camp lantern
Le Poppycock *Bae Watch* Sunny Side (Life-saver)
!Ohmai: Herring Gulls
Soy. Glass Fishing Float (blue)
Soy. Glass Fishing Float (clear)
+CONVAIR+ Boat Rope and stanchion
+CONVAIR+ Outboard Gas Tank
hive // broken porch swing
{what next} Cabin Sign 2 – Gone Fishing
hive // leaning oars
{what next} Brighton Stripe Lawn Chairs
+CONVAIR+ Tackle Box blue
hive // gone fishin clutter
7 – No Diving SIgn
TDC – Pitching boat (with rope)

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