Just one more thing.

It seems I like kitchens in RL and SL lately, or maybe just pretending to bake in them.
I bake a lot in RL so maybe it just feels normal for me. 😛

I fell in LOVE with the “Disaster Kitchen” set from Random Matter at The Epiphany though and I wanted to do a whole post on it.

Just one more thing.

The details on these gacha items are pretty insane (in the best way) and this set is perfect. That being said I took a WHOLE BUNCH of photos to show it all off better. These are all raw shots aside from cropping:

You can find all the details below as well as a link to the official Epiphany shopping guide where you can see all the full gacha keys. ❤


Things I am wearing:

● Head: .LeLutka. – Mesh Head – Simone
● Skin: Glam Affair 
● Hair:  TRUTH / Bewkie – VIP GIFT.
● Glasses: Reek – Augie Glasses * really old, unavailable now.
● Face/Body Flour: [Stellar] Baking Fun Applier (OMEGA)
● Dress: Caboodle – Silk Nightgown – White – Maitreya @ The Epiphany

Things around me:

[Con.] – Catia Kitchen

  • .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen @ The Epiphany
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Mini Oven [Blue] – RARE

    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Backup Plan – RARE
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Cupcakes [Vanilla]
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Burnt Cookies
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Cookbook Stack
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Broken Eggs [Blue]
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Dough
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Utensils
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Open Cookbook
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Instant Cake Mix
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Mixer [White]
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Chocolates
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Lipsy Cake [Vanilla]
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Piping Bags
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Emergency Funds
    .random.Matter. – Disaster Kitchen – Spilt Milk


  • hive // potted plants II @ Bloom
    hive // bird of paradise plant v2
    hive // pink caladium plant
    hive // kentia palm plant


  • Second Spaces – Scullery Rack @ The Epiphany
    Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – shelves
    Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – ice cream accessories
    Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – fresh & clean
    Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – stacked bowls
    Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – popcorn accessories
    Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – popcorn maker
    Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – ice cream maker
    Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – fancy spices RARE
    Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – utility cart *EXCLUSIVE*
    Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – grinder

hive // kitchen canisters
hive // baking bundle B
hive // paper towels
hive // baking bundle A
hive // kitchen utensils

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