Maybe I like that I’m not alright.

I know it is Christmas Eve, but this is not at all a holiday related post lol.
Unless the holidays are driving you crazy, then maybe!

I just love the things I am showing today and everyone else is posting holiday things, so yay – something different:

Maybe I like that I'm not alright.

I have wanted a straitjacket in SL for SO LONG that I kinda squeaked out loud when I saw this one released by ANTINATURAL[+] for Lootbox. I had to play a bunch to get it as it is the rare, but the commons are really great too (and I got both rares in the process, so yessss). You can see the full key HERE.

Also THIS SET from acruX is pretty great too. It is available at N21.
I love all things worn and overgrown so this photo fell together pretty easy once I rezzed the two sets together.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and you don’t all go mad and need a straitjacket of your own. ❤

You can find all the details below!

Things I am wearing:

● Head: .LeLutka. – Mesh Head – Simone
● Skin: Glam Affair 
● Hair: tram G0519 hair
● Lips: ANTINATURAL[+] Hospital for Souls / Dry Lips / OMEGA @ Lootbox
● Scar: ANTINATURAL[+] Hospital for Souls / Peeling Thoughts / OMEGA @ Lootbox
● Straitjacket: ANTINATURAL[+] Hospital for Souls / Straitjacket Bodice RARE @ Lootbox
● Badge: ANTINATURAL[+] Hospital for Souls / Patient ID @ Lootbox
● Eyepatch: ANTINATURAL[+] Hospital for Souls / Eyepatch Beige @ Lootbox

Things around me:

● ANTINATURAL[+] Hospital for Souls / Insanitarium RARE @ Lootbox
● acruX / Unsanitary / Hanging Lights @ N21
● acruX / Unsanitary / Sink / RARE @ N21
● acruX / Unsanitary / Exit Sign @ N21
● acruX / Unsanitary / Mirrors @ N21
● Kalopsia – Poppy’s Music Sheets
● acruX / Unsanitary / Lotion @ N21
● {anc} paper plane / curve {air}
● acruX / Unsanitary / Brick Pile  @ N21
 acruX / Unsanitary / Toilet Paper @ N21
● acruX / Unsanitary / Paper Pile @ N21
● acruX / Unsanitary / Scattered Leaves @ N21
● {anc} paper plane / floor {air}
 acruX / Unsanitary / Wall Vines @ N21

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