Cold Outside.

Hive released a new skybox at 6Republic and I am pretty obsessed with the little snowy porch:

Cold Outside.

The foxes looked so cute out there!

You can see the skybox better HERE since I fixated on the snow outside.
It’s perfect for a little winter hideaway.

You can find all the details below ❤

Things around me:

Hive // snowed in skybox . scenic @ 6 Republic

● +Half-Deer+ Red Fox Gacha @ The Epiphany

  • +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Sleeping
    +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Sitting
    +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Listening to Mice
    +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Roll Over
    +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Curious
    +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Double Trouble
    +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Running
    +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Catching Leaves
    +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Watchful
    +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Cuddle Buddies RARE
    +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Spying
    +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Sweater Weather RARE

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