I should not blog when I am sleepy but………..


Collabor88 opens in just a few hours!

You can find what I am wearing there, as well as a bunch of other things inspired by this months “Road Trip” theme.

Also that cute thing I am standing on is from CHEZ MOI and in the current Deco(c)rate round – the new crate releases tomorrow!

All the things are below and GOODNIGHT!

Things I am wearing:

● Hair: Baiastice – Aestas Hair & Hat @ Collabor88
● Swimsuit: …Mutresse… Lilana Swimsuit @ Collabor88
● Tunic: …Mutresse… Lilana Tunic @ Collabor88
● Bracelet: :::NOIR::: Love Bracelets @ Collabor88

Things around me:

● CHEZ MOI – Enchanted Bridge (Adult) * Deco(c)rate June
● [ keke ] wild allium . white 3 @ Collabor88
● {vespertine} – noemi rattan lounger -w/deco-soft colors/adult @ Collabor88
● {vespertine} – driftwood towel stand @ Collabor88
● Apple Fall – Hetton Barn Conversion @ Summerfest

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